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Colin Brazier


SKY TV News Presenter

  • Date: 02 Apr 08
  • Procedure: LASEK Advanced CustomVue Wavefront
  • Surgeon: Mr. Rodney Blumenfeld
  • Location: Harley Street, London
I suppose people consider having laser eye surgery for a variety of reasons. Mine were quite specific. As a news presenter, my job often takes me to inhospitable parts of the world.

I was the first British journalist to reach Baghdad with American soldiers during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Front-line reporting has also taken me to destinations like Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip and Southern Lebanon. In all these places the environment can be hostile. Trying to work in a desert sandstorm with contact lenses is a headache I could do without. I have never worn glasses on-screen.

Now I’m based in the studio, glasses are even less of an option. The reflective glare can be distracting, not least for the viewer. So laser eye surgery seemed worth exploring.

The level of service offered by Optical Express was exemplary; the procedure itself a doddle. I heartily recommend it, whether you’re a frequent visitor to the war zone or not!