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Gary Marshall


Presenter, Radio Clyde

  • Date: 16 Feb 10
  • Procedure: LASIK Advanced CustomVue Wavefront IntraLase
  • Surgeon: Mr. David Teenan
  • Location: Silverburn Shopping Centre, Glasgow
A lot of my colleagues thought “You’re nuts! You can’t get laser eye surgery done then come into work!” Well, you can! Half past eight I went in and it only took all in about an hour. The actual procedure itself was really, really quick. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being really bad and 1 being not bad at all, it was about a 1 or 2. Honestly not much discomfort whatsoever. Couple of minutes per eye and you’re done!

I’ve got to say everybody concerned was very professional, really nice and completely reassuring. If you’re thinking of having eye surgery done, I thought it was absolutely fab.

Before, if I took my glasses off and tried to look at the Optometrist’s chart up on the wall, I’d say “What wall? What chart? What’s going on?” This time around I got to the very small letters and can I read them? Yes! With both eyes! I’ve now got 20/20 vision, how about that?”