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Robin Galloway Laser Eye Surgery

Robin Galloway Laser Eye Surgery

Robin Galloway



  • Date: 07 Dec 12
  • Procedure: LASIK Advanced CustomVue Wavefront IntraLase
  • Surgeon: Mr. David Teenan
  • Location: Renfield Street, Glasgow
As squeamish goes, I am quite probably the dictionary meaning. Dentists, doctors – they all make me nervous. So how on earth was I going to cope with a laser beam being pointed at my eye-ball? Piece of cake actually. The moment I arrived at Optical Express, It just felt right. My initial consultation was welcoming and most reassuring. I only required glasses for reading but my optometrist wasn’t prepared to even discuss whether or not I should have the treatment until such time as I try contact lenses – which would illustrate the post surgery outcome. This spoke volumes – as I’d have been most uncomfortable being pushed towards something I was unsure of.

My procedure was carried out by Mr David Teenan who’s professional temperament Id most liken to the calming effect of an airline pilot, metaphorically ‘holding my hand’ throughout. The laser treatment itself was less that 10 minutes from start to finish and despite my squeamishness, was no more than mildly uncomfortable. No pain, no anxiety and in actual fact, quite relaxing!

I have extremely high praise for all the staff at Optical Express. From front of house – right through to Mr Teenan and his entire team who attended to my every need throughout the laser eye surgery.

It has been truly life changing and I would say to anybody considering the procedure have no hesitation in going for it.

The technology is available – so embrace it!