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Daley Thompson’s Story

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For decathlete, double Olympic gold medalist, world and Commonwealth champion Daley Thompson perfect vision is important so when objects in front of him started to become hazy, he called Optical Express.

Here you can watch Daley’s (reenacted) journey with us from the first warm hello on the shop floor to a positive outcome testimonial at the end. Additionally on the video you’ll see Daley talking with his optometrist at his suitability appointment and with surgeon Jan Venter on his surgery day.

One week after his treatment Daley commented: “Since my laser eye surgery my vision has been brilliant. I’ve just done an eye test and it says that my vision is better than 20/20 which is at least as good as it was 20 years ago. The procedure was absolutely painless and I haven’t had any problems. The staff at Optical Express have been fantastic and really put me at ease.”

We are delighted that Daley Thompson chose to have laser eye surgery at Optical Express and that he is currently enjoying his new vision and a glasses-free life.

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