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Laser Eye Surgery


Laser Eye Surgery

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Laser Eye Surgery: Further Information

Why choose Optical Express?-

We are Europe’s leading provider of laser eye surgery, having freed tens of thousands of people from the shackles of using spectacles or contact lenses.

Over 22 million people worldwide have had this simple procedure, and are benefitting from the freedom that permanently clear vision can provide. Don’t be daunted at the prospect of an operation on your eyes, as our counsellors and optometrists have decades of experience in guiding and advising patients on exactly the right type of care to suit their condition.

We can offer you a range of treatments including iLASIK, iLASIK iDesign, and LASEK.

Our equipment is second to none, as we are continuously researching and developing next-generation technology to ensure that we remain at the forefront of vision improvement.

Optical Express has received an average score of 4.64/5 from 50,350 reviews of Laser Eye Surgery.

Our surgeons+
Our surgeons are all fully trained and experienced to deliver the highest standards of clinical excellence. Safety is at the forefront of everything we do, and our list of surgeons is extensive and covers the whole country.
Our clinics+
You can choose to have your procedure completed in any one of a range of convenient locations across Ireland, with high street clinics in Cork, Dublin and Newbridge.
Our lasers+

We use laser equipment manufactured by VISX lasers, makers of the most popular and dependable machines in the whole industry. Our clinics are equipped with the VISX STAR S4 IR laser, which emits a gentle and cool laser, designed to accomplish vision correction in the easiest and most convenient manner. Each pulse of the laser removes only 0.25 microns of the cornea tissue, meaning that a much more accurate prescription can be obtained than with earlier machines. The laser is guided by a state of the art 3D tracker, which follows the movement of the eye and practically eliminates errors caused by subconscious shifting of the eyeball. Many celebrities and sports stars have used VISX equipment for their treatment, including Tiger Woods and Cindy Crawford.
iFS 150

For our iLASIK treatments, we use only the IntraLase method, carried out with the IntraLase iFS 150 femtosecond laser. This takes Intralase surgery to a whole new level, creating a protective flap at the start of the treatment process, allowing stunning speed and previously unheard-of control. Replacing our venerable FS60 machines (still in use by many other clinics, incidentally), the iFS 150 gives the following benefits to patients:

  • Greater accuracy
  • Enhanced precision
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Better results

You’ll find the iFS 150 Intralase machines at our clinics across Ireland.


Rest assured that Optical Express will continue to support and care for you following your treatment, providing a comprehensive aftercare package tailored to suit you. We will regularly check your progress, and make sure that your recovery is as full and natural as possible. Our after-care consultations take place one day, one week and one month following your procedure. Furthermore, we offer:

  • 24-hour medical support
  • Comprehensive aftercare for 12 months
  • FREE enhancement treatment for up to 12 months if required
  • The largest number of aftercare locations in Ireland
Why Laser Eye Surgery+
According to our patients, this is why they’ve had their vision corrected by laser:

  • Easing work pressures
  • Making the most of holidays
  • Playing sports
  • Enriching family life
  • Enjoying everyday activities
Frequently asked questions+
Why should I let an optician perform my surgery?

As Optical Express is the only pan-European provider of complete eyecare, there’s no-one better to look after your vision than us.  In fact, we’ve been doing just that for over 20 years. Other than the NHS in the UK, we’re the leading provider of cataract surgery, and every Optical Express surgeon adheres to best practice standards, with many having gathered experience from working in many countries around the world.

Should I get my vision corrected in a shopping centre?

We are pioneers in bringing clinics to you, at convenient locations. We have invested over €400M in our treatment centres, equipping them with all the latest technology and employing the best surgeons in the industry. All the equipment we use will be supplied by world leaders in refractive surgery technology.

What qualifications do the surgeons have?

Our team of surgeons are highly skilled and trained to the highest standards of clinical excellence. They are all fully registered with the General Medical Council and have a proven track record in the field of ophthalmic surgery and care. You can find a list of our surgeons and their credentials here.

Can I meet my surgeon before the day of treatment?

Our surgeons spend all their time treating patients, so we always arrange for you to attend a pre-operative consultation with a qualified optometrist. At this meeting, you will be advised whether you are suitable for treatment, and which of the many forms of laser eye surgery will suit you best. You may be advised at this point not to go ahead with refractive surgery, and your optometrist may well be able to offer alternative and more beneficial treatments for you. This pre-consultation process allows our surgeons to spend as much time with patients as possible, although they will ultimately decide whether a procedure can go ahead in any event.

On the day of your operation, the surgeon will also go through the final part of your consent forms with you. The optometrist will then follow up on your post-surgery needs, with the surgeon also being available for any advice and management which may be needed.

What qualifications do the optometrists have?

The General Medical Council registers all our optometrists, who are trained to the highest standards in all aspects of refractive surgery, as well as pre- and post-operative care and advice.

Innovation at Optical Express+
As Europe’s number one provider of laser eye surgery, we continue to invest in the latest technology, equipment and training. Our priority is to ensure that our patients receive the very best possible outcomes, whether LASIK, LASEK or any one of our other specialist treatments.