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Your eyes are unique - find out how we assess your suitability for laser eye surgery.

Are you suitable?

Why Optical Express?

Find out more about why we are Europe's No.1 provider of laser eye surgery.

Why Optical Express?

Patient Testimonials

We perform more procedures every week than any other laser eye surgery provider in Europe. We have hundreds of thousands of happy patients - simply read our laser eye surgery reviews below to find out more.

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Patient testimonials
Laser Eye Surgery

  • Over 22 million people worldwide have had laser eye surgery, we are Europe's number one provider and have the ideal solution for you. Our pioneering advancements in the laser eye field have helped thousands of people break free from the restraints and restrictions of glasses and contact lenses.

    The thought of changing your lifestyle and eyesight may be daunting especially for those that have been used to glasses and contact lenses for many years. Our optometrists and laser counsellors are equipped with the experience, knowledge and understanding to inform you of the treatments available and find out which treatment is best for you. The treatments offered include LASIK, LASEK, IntraLase and Advanced CustomVue Wavefront.

  • We are the number one provider of laser eye surgery in Europe, we also strive to offer world class service and treatments in the future. We will continue to invest in technology and our staff so can enjoy the best possible experience whether you have LASIK, LASEK or another of our treatments available at our specialist clinics.

  • Safety is paramount at Optical Express and our surgeons are experts in the field of laser eye surgery - they have considerable experience in carrying out these procedures and work with the latest technology to ensure your clinical care is excellent.

    Meet our surgeons.

  • We offer our patients a great deal of choice not only in terms of the treatments we can perform but also with our locations. We have stores in Cork, Newbridge and Dublin so you can visit an Optical Express that is convenient for you.

  • After carrying carried out more procedures than any other laser eye surgery provider in Europe we’ve heard many different reasons from our patients of why they opted for the treatment. The top five reasons are: easing the pressures of work, making the most of your holiday, playing sports, enriching family life and generally enjoying everyday life.

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