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Lens Surgery

For the majority of patients who want to enjoy life free from their glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery is the treatment of choice. However, you may be better suited to lens surgery.

Lens surgery is a well established treatment that offers the same visual freedom as laser eye surgery with the additional benefit of being able to correct age related reading vision and can also both treat cataracts and prevent them in later life.

A safe and effective treatment, lens surgery can give you back the ability to focus on close, intermediate and distance objects just the same as with glasses or contact lenses, but without the inconvenience.

If your prescription is outside the approved range for laser eye surgery, you are over the age of forty and noticing changes in your vision or experiencing cloudy vision due to cataracts, you could join over 16 million people worldwide that achieve visual freedom each year following lens surgery.

Treatment itself typically takes only minutes to perform yet the impact it can have on your life can be everlasting. Optical Express is Europe’s No.1 provider of corrective eye surgery.

Other Treatment Types



iLASIK is a revolutionary new all-laser treatment that offers unrivalled customised results, making it the premium LASIK eye surgery treatment in the world today.




LASEK is an alternative treatment to iLASIK comprising only one laser to correct your vision, after the surgeon has temporarily folded aside a thin layer of cells to allow access to the cornea.


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