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Free Laser Eye Surgery Consultation

Each of our patients will receive a free in-depth laser eye consultation before surgery. Each laser eye consultation involves:

The comprehensive laser eye consultation takes approximately two hours, during which one of our specialist refractive optometrists will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for laser vision correction. The optometrist will also explain the procedure that is most suited to your individual needs and answer all of your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

Free consultation with Optical Express

Your initial consultation at Optical Express will be conducted by an experienced optometrist. Your consultation will be free unless you have previously undergone refractive surgery with Optical Express or another provider. In such instances an ‚ā¨80¬†consultation fee will apply, which will be credited towards the cost of any treatment you proceed with at Optical Express.

What’s more, if your laser eye consultation concludes that you are not a suitable laser vision correction candidate now, you may be one in the future as new technologies emerge.

What tests are carried out during a laser eye consultation?


A measurement of your glasses power is taken to determine your current prescription strength.


The autorefractor reads how light passes through your eye in order to help determine your baseline prescription.


Used to measure your eye pressure. It is a key indicator in diagnosing the eye condition glaucoma.


Gives detailed information on your cornea (the outer surface). It provides the specialist refractive optometrist and surgeon with accurate information relating to the surface shape and thickness of your cornea and how this varies from the centre to the periphery.

CustomVue Wavescan

Identifies and measures imperfections in your eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods used for glasses and contact lenses. It provides the essential data used in a Wavefront treatment.

Visual Acuity Testing

Measures the eye’s ability to see details at near and far distances. The tests usually involve reading letters or looking at symbols of different sizes on an eye chart. Your uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) is what you see without glasses or contact lenses while your best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) is what you see with the optimum correction in place.


Your specialist refractive optometrist verifies your current prescription and compares this to the focimetry readings and previous prescription details to ensure stability.

Cycloplegic Refraction

Specialist drops are used to relax your eye muscles and allow your specialist refractive optometrist to determine how your prescription is likely to change over time.


This test takes a measurement of the size of your pupils in the dark when they are at their largest, using infrared technology.


The Pachymeter is an ultrasound device used to determine the thickness of your cornea in any given location. The thickness of your cornea is very important when determining whether you are a suitable candidate for laser vision correction.

Slit Lamp Exam

This test uses a microscope and a small beam of light to examine closely your corneas under high magnification, as well as your conjunctiva, lids, iris and lens.

Eye Dominance

This test measures which of your eyes is the dominant or stronger eye.

Retinal Exam

Here the specialist refractive optometrist is assessing the health of your internal eye and in particular the retina. As a consequence of the drops used for the cycloplegic refraction an excellent peripheral view is achieved.

Ensuring your laser eye consultation is carried out professionally

Before an Optical Express specialist refractive optometrist is allowed to undertake pre-operative laser eye consultations, they are required to undergo an intensive training process to build on the knowledge and experience they have gained in regular optometry.

These professionals are then reviewed and assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure they are maintaining the high standards expected at Optical Express.


Procedure Day

At Optical Express, we like to discuss everything with our patients, including knowing what to expect on the day of your laser eye treatment.




We offer an unrivalled level of post-operative patient care with a 24 hour medical helpline following your laser eye treatment.


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