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1800 818 543

Laser Eye Surgery Aftercare

There are three stages to any laser eye surgery procedure: your free consultation, your procedure day and your post-operative care. We’ll be with you every step of the way through your laser vision correction journey, ensuring that you can enjoy a life free from the constraints of spectacles and contact lenses after laser eye surgery.

Our comprehensive aftercare programme, designed to meet your needs after laser eye surgery, offers unparalleled geographic coverage to ensure ease and convenience for each of your post-laser eye surgery appointments.

All post-operative appointments are held with a specialist optometrist, who will help you ensure the best visual outcome after laser eye surgery.

Your aftercare programme

Your care programme after laser eye surgery is tailored to your individual requirements depending on the procedure you choose – including LASIK, LASEK or any other laser vision correction procedure at Optical Express.

We want you to achieve your optimum visual outcome through laser eye surgery and our comprehensive post-operative service highlights our dedication to care for you throughout your laser vision correction journey.

24-hour medical helpline (1800 818 693*)

After laser eye surgery, all Optical Express patients can enjoy added peace of mind with the benefit of our 24-hour medical helpline. This service allows patients to speak to one of our laser trained optometrists with any post-operative questions they may have after their laser eye surgery procedure.

* This emergency number is only operational outside of normal opening hours. Please DO NOT call these numbers out of hours if your enquiry is not a clinical emergency. During normal opening hours, all general enquiries or clinical emergencies must be directed to your local clinic.


Free Consultation

Our specialist refractive optometrists are committed to your care and will aid you in making an informed choice to achieve the best visual outcome.



Procedure Day

At Optical Express, we like to discuss everything with our patients, including knowing what to expect on the day of your laser eye treatment.


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