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Our laser eye clinics aim to provide you with the best clinical results

Optical Express has treated over 600,000 patients in the UK and Ireland, and together our surgeons have treated over 1 million patients worldwide.

Our clinics are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art laser eye surgery technology and our absolute priority is to provide you with outstanding clinical results, while maintaining the highest levels of laser eye surgery safety.

Preparing for your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Preparing for your laser eye procedure can seem like a daunting task – after all, laser eye surgery can transform the way you live your life.

Optical Express aims to help you settle into your laser eye procedure with ease. We understand that choosing to have laser eye surgery is an extremely important decision, which is why we want to make your journey as easy as possible.

We are Europe’s number one provider of laser eye surgery, so you can rest assured that you will receive the very best treatment.

How should I prepare for my laser eye surgery procedure?

On the day of your laser eye procedure, you should make time for a half-day visit to the clinic. This allows ample time for discussion with your optometrist or surgeon, as well as any final measurements that may need to be taken before your laser eye procedure commences.

Before your laser eye procedure, you can eat and drink normally since the surgery is performed under local anaesthetic. It’s also advised that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and avoid wearing make-up, creams, mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, deodorant and perfume on the day of your laser eye procedure.

In addition, if you wear soft contact lenses you should stop wearing them for at least one week prior to laser eye surgery, or one month if you wear rigid gas permeable lenses. This is because contact lenses can change the shape of your cornea, so it’s important to allow time for it to return to its normal curvature before your laser eye procedure. Failure to adhere to this advice could affect the outcome of your surgery.

After your laser eye procedure, you will be unable to drive home, so be sure to make transport arrangements for the day.


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At Optical Express, we offer an unrivalled level of post-operative patient care with a 24 hour medical helpline after your procedure.


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