Laser Eye Surgery Photos

The thought of having laser eye surgery can be daunting especially if you have been wearing contact lenses or glasses for years. We have outlined the typical journey from consultation to recovery to let you see for yourself how easy and straightforward the procedure can be with Optical Express.

Laser Eye Surgery Consultation Day

Laser eye surgery - Optical Express store

The first stage of your laser eye journey begins with booking a free consultation; you can choose from any of our consultation clinics in Ireland or even Europe. Our stores are situated in convenient locations so that you can easily access your preferred store on a day that best suits you for your FREE consultation.

Laser eye surgery - Optical Express store greeting

As you enter Optical Express you will be welcomed by one a team member who will escort you to our waiting area and fetch you a tea or coffee while you fill in a few forms.

Laser eye surgery - WaveScan

Your laser counsellor will carry out a couple of preliminary tests using our advanced equipment to check if your eyes are suitable for laser eye surgery, before you meet with one of our Optometrists. The technology used is called the VISX WaveScan which accurately measures eye imperfections by forming a detailed map.

Laser eye surgery - Pentacam

Following the VISX WaveScan we test your eyes with the Pentacam, a device that differentiates Optical Express from other laser providers. Only Optical Express clinics have Pentacam technology which is used to evaluate the corneal topography of your eyes.

Laser eye surgery - tonomoter

Lastly, the laser counsellor will use the tonometer to check the fluid pressure inside your eyes.

Laser eye surgery - Eye Tests

The next step involves meeting your Optometrist who will carry out some eye tests - similar to those you will have experienced before at a standard eye test.  Your Optometrist will explain which treatments are suitable for you and give you an opportunity to discuss any questions you may have.

Laser eye surgery - laser counsellor

Afterwards you will meet back with a familiar face, your laser counsellor. If you want to go ahead with the treatment they will then organise a suitable time for your surgery and discuss the cost and finance options available with us at Optical Express. Your laser counsellor will be extremely knowledgeable about the aftercare programme and happy to answer any further questions.

Laser Eye Surgery Day

Laser eye surgery - Relaxed and prepared

In order to be as relaxed and prepared for your treatment as possible we recommend arriving early for your appointment on surgery day.

Laser eye surgery - Surgeon eye check

Prior to surgery, your Ophthalmic Surgeon will check your eyes again and discuss the procedure one final time. Of course, if you have any final questions your Surgeon will be happy to answer them.

Laser eye surgery - Refractive Nurse

After meeting with your Surgeon, you will be introduced to your Refractive Nurse who will provide you with the eye drops that you will need to use post surgery, and explain how best to use them. To make sure there are no post surgery surprises, your nurse will explain what to look out for as your eyes heal..

Laser eye surgery - surgery room

As you enter the surgery room, the team will make sure you are relaxed, comfortable and at ease.

Laser eye surgery - preparation

You will have already been thoroughly briefed on what is going to happen, so there is no need to be nervous! Your Refractive Nurses and Ophthalmic Surgeon will spend a few minutes preparing while you relax and become comfortable with the surgery room.

Laser eye surgery - surgery

The laser eye surgery itself is surprisingly fast and normally takes around 60 seconds per eye; this is helped by our advanced VISX laser technology.

Laser eye surgery - surgery

The moment you have been waiting for arrives as you sit up from your laser eye surgery you will able to notice an improved difference in your sight immediately which will improve in the next three months.

After Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery - care plan

At this point our aftercare programme begins, our extensive plan provides you with post surgery appointments to check your progress and make sure you receive the best results possible, from the treatment.

Laser eye surgery - experience questionnaire

We have developed a questionnaire that monitors our patient’s experience which allows us to obtain feedback directly so that we can improve upon our existing, customer service. All feedback, is gratefully received as patient satisfaction is highly important to us.

Laser Eye Surgery

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