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What Is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is currently the most frequently performed elective procedure in the world where a cool beam of light from an excimer laser gently reshapes the outer window of your eye known as the cornea. This procedure improves vision and could give you complete freedom from glasses and contact lenses. Over 22 million laser eye surgery procedures have been carried out worldwide helping to change people’s lives for the better.


Improving Family Life

Wearing glasses or contact lenses may hamper the active life you lead with your children. Undergoing laser eye surgery could ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy playing with your children without the fear of breaking your glasses or losing a contact lens. What’s more, if you’re a new parent, being able to check on your child in the middle of the night without having to find your glasses first could provide valuable peace of mind. Relax and enjoy your family life more with laser eye surgery from Optical Express.


Enjoying Your Holidays

Many of our patients tell us that laser eye surgery has minimised the hassle of packing when going on a holiday abroad. Following a laser eye surgery procedure, you’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting your glasses, contact lenses or prescription sunglasses. Nor will you be concerned about getting sand or sun cream in your eyes and irritating your lenses. Laser eye surgery lets you be spontaneous: so you can take a dip in the sea or go on an adventure holiday without losing a contact lens or breaking your glasses.

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Enjoying Sports

If you lead an active lifestyle, laser eye surgery could alleviate the inconvenience of wearing glasses and contact lenses. You won’t have to worry about losing a contact lens while playing football or rugby, or whilst in a swimming pool. What’s more, if you’re a keen runner or cyclist, laser eye surgery could make a major difference in your life. Many sports personalities have been delighted with the visual outcome of their Optical Express laser eye surgery procedure – and you could be too.


Enjoying Everyday Life

Laser eye surgery is a positive and life changing experience that can improve many aspects of everyday life. Imagine, for example, being able to open your eyes in the morning and see your alarm clock without having to fumble for your glasses. You could also see improvements in your driving skills following laser eye surgery.


Easing the Pressures of Work

Many of our patients complain that, before having laser eye surgery, contact lenses would have a drying effect on their eyes at work – whether due to air conditioning systems or sitting in front of a computer screen all day. With laser eye surgery, this problem is eliminated and you’ll no longer have to rely on glasses or contact lenses at work either.

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