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Why choose Optical Express?

At Optical Express you can be assured that you will receive the advanced and very best laser eye treatment possible. We are dedicated to patient safety and outstanding clinical outcomes; from our world renowned surgeons and experienced optometrists to the most advanced technology and Wavefront guided lasers.

What you can expect from Optical Express

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World Leading Laser Eye Clinics

Optical Express is Europe’s No.1 provider of laser eye surgery.Optical Express has excellent geographical coverage with over 100 locations worldwide.

Advanced Laser Eye Surgery Technology

We have invested over €1 million in technology in every clinic.Our world leading ophthalmic surgeons have a combined experience of over 2 million procedures carried out worldwide.

The Very Best Procedures

The very best procedures (including LASIK and LASEK with options of Advanced CustomVue Wavefront and IntraLase) are available at our clinics across Ireland and Europe.

We use the advanced laser eye surgery technology in the world according to FDA clinical outcome results.

Affordable Laser Eye Surgery Options

Your free consultation is carried out by a laser trained optometrist and patient counsellor. Change your life from only €595 per eye.

Comprehensive Aftercare at our Laser Eye Clinics

All patients receive a fully comprehensive aftercare programme.Our treatment clinics are registered with a wide range of Governing Bodies.


Europe’s No.1

Optical Express performs more procedures every week than any other laser eye surgery provider, making us officially Europe’s number 1.



How We Compare

Find out how Optical Express compares with other providers.



World Leading Laser Eye Surgeons

If you’re considering laser eye surgery, you’ll be glad to know that our ophthalmic laser eye surgeons have proven track records of best practice standards.



State-of-the-Art Technology

Every Optical Express store and clinic is equipped with the most technologically advanced eye testing equipment and lasers in Europe.



Governing Bodies

Our commitment to exceptional quality of clinical outcomes and customer service experience is reflected in the governing bodies to which we subscribe.



Our Promise to You

At our laser eye clinics, we promise to provide you with vision for a better life and your best possible visual outcome.


Further Information

Why choose Optical Express?-
Over 22 million people worldwide have had laser eye surgery, we are Europe’s number one provider and have the ideal solution for you. Our pioneering advancements in the laser eye field have helped thousands of people break free from the restraints and restrictions of glasses and contact lenses.The thought of changing your lifestyle and eyesight may be daunting especially for those that have been used to glasses and contact lenses for many years. Our optometrists and laser counsellors are equipped with the experience, knowledge and understanding to inform you of the treatments available and find out which treatment is best for you. The treatments offered include LASIK, iLASIK iDesign, LASEK and Lens Surgery.

Optical Express has received an average score of 4.64/5 from 50,350 reviews of Laser Eye Surgery.

Our surgeons+
Safety is paramount at Optical Express and our surgeons are experts in the field of laser eye surgery – they have considerable experience in carrying out these procedures and work with the latest technology to ensure your clinical care is excellent. Meet our surgeons.
Our clinics+
We offer our patients a great deal of choice not only in terms of the treatments we can perform but also with our locations. We have stores in Cork, Newbridge and Dublin so you can visit an Optical Express that is convenient for you.
Our lasers+

VISX lasers are the most popular lasers used in the laser eye surgery industry, currently treating over 60% of patients in the USA and proven to deliver safe, accurate and precise results. The VISX STAR platform’s heritage of dependability and performance is well known in the industry. The STAR S4 IR from VISX has taken that reputation to an even higher level. The VISX STAR S4 IR works by emitting a gentle, cool laser beam that reshapes the cornea. The precision of the VISX STAR S4 IR laser means that it removes less tissue from the cornea per dioptre of prescription than most other lasers currently in use. Each pulse of the VISX STAR S4 IR laser eliminates 0.25 microns of tissue – that’s one thousandth of a millimetre, which is the same as removing 1/200th of a human hair or 1/39,000,000th of an inch in four billionths of a second! All Optical Express lasers employ advanced eye tracking technology in order to ensure the highest standard of vision for our patients following the procedure. A 3-D eye tracker guides the beam of the laser as it moves over the cornea, ensuring that only the section of the cornea requiring treatment receives reshaping. The 3-D tracker also follows the movement of the eye if it shifts so the laser remains on course, enabling a precise and completely safe treatment. Sportsmen and celebrities, including Tiger Woods and Cindy Crawford have elected to use the VISX laser for their own surgeries.
iFS 150
All iLASIK treatments at Optical Express are carried out using the IntraLase method to create the protective flap at the beginning of treatment, an all-laser technique using the state-of-the-art IntraLase iFS 150 femtosecond laser. The iFS 150 takes Intralase laser eye surgery to a whole new standard of speed and control. The iFS 150 supercedes the FS60 used by most other European providers and offers:

  • More precision
  • More accuracy
  • Faster treatment
  • Faster results
  • Improved patient satisfaction

There’s an iFS 150 at an Optical Express near you.

Following your laser eye or lens surgery, you can rest assured that Optical Express will continue to look after you and provide
comprehensive aftercare tailored to your specific needs. Following your treatment, Optical Express will check your progress regularly to ensure that the recovery process is progressing naturally. At one day, one week, one month, through your aftercare appointments and beyond, Optical Express is here for you.

  • 24-HOUR medical helpline
  • FREE comprehensive aftercare for 12 months
  • FREE enhancement treatment for 12 months
  • Largest number of aftercare locations in UK & Ireland
Five reasons to have Laser Eye Surgery+
After carrying carried out more procedures than any other laser eye surgery provider in Europe we�ve heard many different reasons from our patients of why they opted for the treatment. The top five reasons are: easing the pressures of work, making the most of your holiday, playing sports, enriching family life and generally enjoying everyday life.
Frequently asked questions+
Why should I let an optician perform my surgery?

Optical Express’ record of success speaks for itself; as the only national provider of complete eyecare, Optical Express has been looking after the vision and health of patients’ eyes for over twenty years. Providing expert eyecare for people of all ages, Optical Express is the leading provider of cataract operations in the UK and Ireland outside of the NHS. Every Optical Express ophthalmic surgeon has a proven track record of best practice standards in the field of refractive surgery and many have enhanced their experience by operating throughout the world.
Do shopping centre locations provide a quality service?
Optical Express clinics are found in locations that are easily accessible to our patients. Over €400 million has been invested in new technology in our clinics to ensure our surgeons have access to advanced technological innovations in refractive surgery. You can rest assured that the technology used in every Optical Express clinic during your consultation, treatment and aftercare will involve the industry leader in refractive surgery technology.
How qualified are Optical Express surgeons?
Optical Express maintains the highest standards in every aspect of our treatments and nowhere is that more evident than with our highly skilled team of experienced surgeons. All of their surgeons are registered in accordance with professional guidelines and are fully registered with the General Medical Council. Every Optical Express ophthalmic surgeon has a proven track record of best practice standards in the field of refractive surgery and many have enhanced their experience by operating throughout the world. You can view each of our surgeon’s credentials here.
Can I meet my surgeon before the day of my surgery?
Patients attend a pre-operative consultation with one of our experienced optometrists who is specifically and specially trained to work in the field of refractive surgery. Our optometrists are responsible for establishing the baseline measurements required for the surgeon to determine suitability for the procedure. They are able to screen out those for whom refractive surgery is plainly not an option, and even offer alternative treatments. This allows our surgeons to spend more time with patients who are, or may be candidate for surgery. It is the surgeon who ultimately determines whether a patient is eligible for a procedure. Our surgeons are among the most experienced in the world and are also highly trained to manage rare post-operative complications. The optometrist follows up on the routine post-operative patients, but our surgeons are available for the appropriate advice and management as required. Meeting the surgeon on the day of treatment ensures that your treating surgeon is handling the final part of your consent process as well as carrying out your procedure.
How qualified are your optometrists?
All of our optometrists are registered with the General Optical Council and have attended and passed our rigorous training courses which cover all aspects of refractive surgery in terms of pre-operative and post-operative evaluation, technology and post-operative care.

Leading Laser Eye Surgery innovation+
We are the number one provider of laser eye surgery in Europe, we also strive to offer world class service and treatments in the future. We will continue to invest in technology and our staff so can enjoy the best possible experience whether you have LASIK, LASEK or another of our treatments available at our specialist clinics.

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