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Win Laser Eye Surgery

Every month, one lucky patient wins FREE life changing laser eye surgery at Optical Express! Just fill out the enquiry form on the right hand side of the screen and tick the “Win free treatment!” box to enter our exclusive competition. Terms & Conditions

Featured Winner

November 2014 – Sinéad McGuiness

Sinéad McGuinness was the winner of the 2014 November competition.

“…For someone who has worn glasses and contact lenses since I was 15 years old (almost thirty years), I was excited. The day I went to the Wellington road clinic for my assessment, I could not have been made feel more special. The technician and optician were so lovely and were so excited for me. They put me at ease and explained everything that would happen on my surgery day. Oh yes, the important part, they told me I was an ideal candidate for the top grade surgery. I was delighted. Then I sat down and agreed what day I would come in for my surgery.

The first machine, came down, my vision went black (it was explained this would happen) the fifteen second, yes only fifteen seconds, countdown was done and I was half way through the surgery for one eye, the biggest discomfort, if you could call it that, was a bit of pressure on my eye. (Sensation of a finger pressing on your eye, no pain at all) then the second machine, I focus (not very well – no glasses) on a red dot then this machine, makes a bit of noise, and the seventeen second count down happens. So 32 seconds and my first eye is done.
Then the same procedure is carried out on my other eye.

Now over a month and a half later, my vision is amazing, I’m getting used to not pushing my glasses up my nose. I can put my makeup on without holding a mirror up to my face. I can read the time on my UPC box in my bedroom without putting glasses on. I can be reading my book in the train station and look up (without putting my glasses back on) and see when my train is due. It’s amazing, I am so delighted to have been given this amazing gift, it wasn’t just a prize it was a gift.

I am so grateful to Optical Express for this wonderful opportunity and gift.
The aftercare and staff are second to none.

All Winners

January 2016 - Garratt Murphy+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of January is Garratt Murphy.

December 2015 - Jinnine Mullen+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of December is Jinnine Mullen.

November 2015 - David Fitzroy+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of November is David Fitzroy.

October 2015 - Fiona Byrne+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of October is Fiona Byrne.

September 2015 - Alan Hegarty+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of September is Alan Hegarty.

August 2015 - Nick Power+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of August is Nick Power.

July 2015 - Lauren Cullen+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of July is Lauren Cullen.

June 2015 - Esther Brady+

Esther Brady is the lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery at Optical Express for the month of June.

May 2015 - Gerard Davis+

The May 2015 lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery is Gerard Davis.

April 2015 - Martin Murray+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of April is Martin Murray. Martin is due to have his consultation in early June. We will keep you updated on his progress towards 20/20 vision!

March 2015 - Natalie Burke+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of March is Natalie Burke.

February 2015 - Sean Deegan+

Sean Deegan from Limerick was chosen as the winner of February’s competition. Sean underwent a consultation in our Limerick clinic and is choosing dates for his FREE surgery.

January 2015 - Ciara O’Connor+

The first winner of 2015 was Ciara O’Connor from Cork! Ciara had already underwent a consultation in the Cork clinic in January so went on and arranged her free surgery for March.

December 2014 - Graham Harkness+

Graham Harkness from Dublin was selected as our final winner of laser eye surgery for 2014. Graham was delighted with his prize and arranged his consultation in the Dublin clinic in January. After being found suitable, he is preparing for his life changing surgery which is taking place is March. We will let you know how he gets on!

November 2014 - Sinead McGuinness+

Sinead McGuinness from Dublin was selected as November’s winner of FREE laser eye surgery. Sinead had already arranged a consultation in our Wellington Road clinic so was delighted to discover she had won, her treatment was carried out in January 2015 and in her own words it was ‘a resounding success!’

She told us:

“The staff in the Wellington Road Clinic could not have been any nicer or friendlier; they made the whole process so easy and helped with my nerves on the day. I was made to feel really special… please pass on my thanks.”

Sinead McGuiness3

October 2014 - Stephen Brew+

Our lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery in October is Stephen Brew from County Clare. After a consultation in our Cork clinic in December, Stephen went on to have his surgery at the start of January and was delighted with the results!

September 2014 - Amanda McGinn+

September’sAmanda McGinn lucky winner is Amanda McGinn from Dundalk! Instead of our prize of laser eye surgery, Amanda chose to take €500 vouchers to spend in store. She told us:

“I was absolutely delighted and stunned to win September’s prize with Optical Express. Unfortunately at the moment I am unsuitable for treatment, but I am seriously looking forward to spending my vouchers on glasses and contact lenses.

“I must commend Optical Express staff for their excellent customer service skills I have found them very nice and accommodating.

“Thanks a million guys!”

August 2014 - Conor Young+

Unfortunately we were unable to get in touch with our August winner, Conor and he missed out on his prize!

July 2014 - David Gill+

WeDavid Gill randomly selected David Gill as July’s winner of FREE laser eye surgery!

David attended a consultation in our Dublin clinic in August and was found suitable for the procedure. His treatment was carried out in September and he was thrilled with the results.

June 2014 - Niall Bergin+

Niall Bergin was chosen as our lucky June winner of FREE laser eye surgery! After a consultation in our Newbridge clinic, Niall was found to be suitable and had treatment a few months later! He told us:

“I have been wearing glasses or contact lenses constantly since I was about 15 years old. Generally in my day-to-day life wearing contact lenses or glasses didn’t bother me but when it came to sport, playing hurling, soccer, golf, etc. I found it a hassle, always having to make sure I had spare contacts with me in case the ones I was wearing got knocked out. In recent years my eyesight has further deteriorated (old age catching up on me!) and this has been a real nuisance as I would even find that my vision was blurry with contact lenses in.

“I had briefly toyed with the idea of looking into laser eye surgery a number of times over the last few years but never gave it much thought. In June I decided to investigate the possibility further and had a look at the Optical Express website. Having read some of the testimonials and looked into the procedure I made up my mind to book a consultation to see if I would be suitable for the procedure. While on the page I was invited to ‘Click here to enter our competition to win free Laser Eye Surgery.’ Why not? So I clicked, entered and promptly forgot about it! It was a great surprise to hear in early July that I had been chosen as the June winner!

“When I went for my consultation the staff in the Newbridge branch were lovely, talking me through all the options and helping me to choose which procedure would be best for me in the long run. The staff have kept in touch with me over the last few months and always made sure I understood all aspects of the procedure. Although the staff in Optical Express could have facilitated me in having the surgery in July I needed to wait until winter when any of my competitive sporting involvement is over. They were extremely understanding and accommodating of this which was great.”

May 2014 - Erin McNamara+

Our lucky winner for the month of May is Erin McNamara! Erin arranged her consultation in our Cork clinic for the end of June, and was found to be suitable for surgery. A few weeks later Erin attended our Newbridge clinic for her surgery and was delighted with the results!

April 2014 - Louise O'Reilly+

Unfortunately we were unable to get in touch with our April winner and they missed out on their prize!

March 2014 - Adrienne Moore+

OurAdrienne Moore lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery in March was Adrienne Moore from Balbriggan! The part-time hairdresser began wearing reading glasses 10 years ago, switching to varifocals as her near vision declined. She didn’t wear contact lenses as they irritated her eyes. ! She booked her consultation in the Dublin clinic for the end of April and was told she was suitable for lens replacement surgery, which she had performed a few weeks later. She told us:

“I hated wearing glasses; I felt they got in the way when I was doing things around the house. Applying make-up was also difficult because I couldn’t see when I took my glasses off. Now I wake up and look at my watch and phone without having to fumble about to put my glasses on. It’s brilliant as I used to wear my glasses for everything.
“I’m also wearing make-up again. I feel 10 years younger – even if I don’t look it!”

Lens replacement surgery involves the insertion of a small lens into the eye. It functions in a similar manner to a contact lens except that it is left in the eye permanently and cannot be seen or felt.

Each eye is treated on a different day, typically one week apart and patients experience little discomfort during or after the procedure. It is one of the quickest surgical procedures, with many people returning to their usual daily routine close on 24 hours later.

She added: “Optical Express’ staffs were fantastic. They’ve been so helpful and gentle – I can’t praise them enough.
“It’s amazing that a matter of weeks ago I was putting up with cataracts, and now I’m glasses-free and wearing the designer sunglasses that I’ve always wanted. I’d recommend Optical Express to anyone who has concerns about their eye sight.”

February 2014 - Lorraine Hegarty+

LorraineLorraine Hegarty Hegarty from Blarney was randomly selected as February’s winner in Ireland! Lorraine could not believe her luck when we called with the news that she will be receiving laser eye surgery – free of charge! After being found suitable at her consultation in March, she arranged her surgery for the end of April, she told us:

“I’ve been wearing glasses for the past 17 years for T.V, reading, driving etc, I was fed up with constantly misplacing them and hated wearing contacts so I decided to look into getting laser surgery. I went into Optical Express website just to get information regarding surgery when I entered the free laser surgery competition. I couldn’t believe when I got the call to say I won, I was over the moon. I went for consultation in Mahon Point and everyone there were so lovely and they confirmed I could go ahead and get surgery. I’m booked in for the end of April and I can’t wait. THANKS OPTICAL EXPRESS!!!!”

January 2014 - Mary McGannon+

Our first winner of 2014 is Mary McGannon from Wexford. Mary was delighted to discover she had won FREE laser eye surgery and told us she was really looking forward to not having to wear contact lenses every day! Mary had her consultation in our Newbridge clinic and then her surgery was performed a few weeks later at the start of March. She told us afterwards:
“Scrolling through Facebook one day I came across a competition to win free laser eye surgery. I entered, imagining how nice it would be not to have to worry about contact lenses or glasses anymore. I hated wearing glasses so wore lenses 90% of the time which caused dry eyes a lot!!! Numerous times I even fell asleep wearing them….not a pleasant experience to wake up to!! Also being a beautician I felt I was constantly taking them out and putting them back in on training days where we had to work on eye treatments and swimming was a nightmare as I couldn’t see a thing, much to the amusement of my family!!
When I got the email congratulating me on my win I couldn’t believe it, I never win anything! I couldn’t wait to tell my family and friends as they knew I had been dying to get it done for years.
The day of my first consultation I was both nervous and excited. Aisling and the team at Newbridge, Kildare couldn’t have made me feel more comfortable and at ease about the surgery, they explained the whole process to me. They seemed as excited about my win as I was!
On the day of my surgery, I was a little nervous but the surgery only took about 10 minutes and it was nothing like I imagined, there was no pain at all. Again, everyone in the clinic went above and beyond making me laugh and feel relaxed. About 15 minutes after surgery my eyes started to water and sting a little, like I had been chopping onions so I went for a little nap when I got back to the hotel and was amazed when I woke up. I could see the writing on a bottle of water at the other side I the room, my vision was so clear it almost felt like a superpower ha!
It has now been 2 weeks since my surgery and apart from slightly dry eyes when I wake in the morning that some drops fix, everything is perfect and I have better than 20/20 vision!! I can honestly say this was the best thing I have ever done, I never expected how much easier it would make life, and I would recommend it to anyone!”

December 2013 - James Hennessy +

The winner of December’s competition was randomly selected as James Hennessy from Thomastown in Kilkenny. James told us after entering our laser eye surgery competition, he booked himself a consultation and went for treatment the following week! He was delighted to accept an alternative prize of €500 vouchers which he plans to use purchasing brand new designer sunglasses! He told us: “I’d been wearing glasses since I was a child, for over thirty years. While not needing them all the time, I would wear them for reading, using a computer, driving or any technical work. I’m a professional Herpetologist and quite an active person. I tried contact lenses and could never take to them and because of my job and lifestyle, lenses wouldn’t be feasible most of the time.

I decided recently to have eye surgery as it seemed that wearing glasses seems to be holding me back more and more. Part of my work involves working with dangerous animals in their natural habitats such as catching snakes in rain forests or crocodiles in swamps. In situations like this in wasn’t possible to wear glasses, so my work, and my safety, was comprised. I was quite nervous about getting the surgery done, but it was a surprisingly quick and painless procedure. There was a little discomfort not long after the surgery but a couple of paracetamol took care of that. I had great improvement in my vision the next day and was able to drive.

Now, a few weeks later, the difference is fantastic. Little things like not worrying about getting my glasses wet in the rain, or having them fog up on a motorcycle, are just a some of the little benefits. I’m able to concentrate better at my work with one less worry, and it’s improved pretty much everything I do.

I wouldn’t think twice about getting it done again and would recommend it to anyone.”

November 2013 - Danielle Masterson +

Danielle Masterson from Dublin was chosen as our November winner of FREE laser eye surgery. She was delighted to discover she had won and after a consultation in our Dublin Wellington Road clinic, she booked her treatment for February. She told us:
“I was ecstatic to hear I was getting laser eye surgery. I have been wearing glasses for driving the past five years and contact lenses the past three years. I have gone through numerous pairs of glasses and hundreds of monthly contacts. There has also been the odd day when I have forgotten to put my contacts in and the odd night I have forgotten to take them out! I was thinking about getting laser eye surgery done but I was a bit apprehensive. Optical Express have now given me the little kick I need.
“I went for my initial consultation and the staff were so welcoming and put me at ease. I filled out a short form and then went for the eye test. I was delighted to hear I was suitable for laser eye surgery.
“I was surprised to hear it only takes 15-20 seconds for each eye and they both would be done in the one day. I had a good few questions… these were all answered and I was much more reassured. We arranged for my appointment for a Saturday so I will be back in work Monday morning!
“I am now extremely excited to get my eyes done. Since my consultation, I have been talking to friends and family who have also got it done and all have been very happy with the results. I’m counting down the days to no more broken glasses, no falling asleep with contacts in and most of all being able to walk into a room and not squint but smile.”
A few weeks later, Dani visited our Wellington Road clinic again for her surgery and was thrilled with the results, we spoke to her afterwards and she commented:
“When I went into the surgery room, the nurses assisting were very friendly and welcoming. They put me at ease and reassured me. Within minutes we were ready to get started. I did feel a little sensation getting my first eye done and nothing getting the second done. The procedure is so straight forward. I was told it would take fifteen minutes for each eye. It seemed more like ten minutes for the whole procedure. As soon as I sat up I noticed a dramatic difference.
After a couple of hours I woke up and I felt 100% I was told my vision could be blurry for up to two weeks after surgery. It never felt like my vision was blurry after surgery at all. I used all the eye drops and wore sunglasses when outdoors for a few days after. I was amazed with the drastic difference. I did wear contacts before but my vision feels like it’s even better than it ever was with contacts. I never realised anyone could ever see this good.”

October 2013 - Christina McKelvey+

We randomly selected Christina McKelvey from Letterkenny as our October winner of FREE laser eye surgery. After her consultation proved she was suitable for treatment, she arranged her treatment for the start of January. She told us:
“When I first the phone call from Optical Express to say I won the price for free laser eye surgery, I could not believe it. I was in shock until I received the confirmation email and then the excitement started to sink in. I have being wearing glasses since I was a teenager and using contact lenses for the last 5 years or so and was getting fed up with the effort of putting them in and taken them out. I had considered the laser surgery for the last couple of years and I am over the moon at the win especially since I am a student.
“After speaking with members of the marketing department to organise my free consultation, I was excited and nervous at the same time but when I arrived at the clinic, but I was overwhelmed by the customer service, courtesy and respect I got from the staff at the Dublin clinic. They made me feel so at ease and explained all details of the surgery to me and all of this was before I told them I won the surgery. I am so excited about getting the surgery done as it will be an overwhelming change to my life. Thank you Optical Express.”
A few weeks after her surgery, we spoke to Christina to see how she was enjoying her new vision. She told us:
“It has being life changing. The simple things like been able to see first thing in the morning instead of trying to feel for glasses on the bedside table or search for contact lenses are a thing of the past and I am only too happy to not doing those things anymore.
The surgery itself was painless and literally only took minutes. The doctors and nurses explained everything very clearly to me and went through the procedure with me before the surgery commenced. I would recommend laser eye surgery and Optical Express to anyone. The Pre and post surgery care is second to none.”

September 2013 - Des Quigley+

September’s winner of FREE laser eye surgery was Des Quigley from Finglas, Dublin. Des was delighted to find out he was chosen as our winner as he had been thinking about the treatment for some time. He told us:
“It had been on my mind for a considerable amount of time to look into laser eye surgery, ever since my sister had it done five years ago. When she had it done it was expensive about €2000 per eye.
“As a child I had excellent vision, never needing glasses until the age of thirty-three or thirty-four. I then noticed I was squinting looking at the T.V, or constantly rubbing my eyes whilst reading which was never the case before. I could be in the playground with my two children and trying to keep an eye on them both, but with all the other kids the same size as my own it was a challenge.
“I work as a truck driver on shift work so as you can imagine my eyes and my eyesight is quite important for me and other road users. Judging distance can be very costly if you get it wrong. I found that after a few hours behind the wheel I was squinting a lot which was giving me headaches and making me tired. While driving at night oncoming headlights were a scourge, as well as seeing the headlamp I would also see the hallo effect around it. The solid white line would veer off into a double white and I would have to be on top of road signs to see them properly. It was time for an eye test!
“I was told it was quite natural to be experiencing these sight problems at my age. I needed to get glasses! I hate wearing them, I have all sorts of problems with them, I keep forgetting them, losing them and the kids play with them and break them. I am definitely the type of person who glasses do not suit and contacts are out of the question so I shopped around and came to optical express. I noticed a lot of rugby players go with Optical Express so it seems to be a very popular choice all round. I decided to book a free consultation. While on the website I entered a draw for free surgery. It only took a couple of minutes to complete and someone from the Optical Express team rang me back the next day to arrange a consultation. I went for the consultation and was made feel very welcome and relaxed and everything was explained in full and all my questions were answered.
“About a week after my consultation I was in the credit union making an appointment for a personal loan to pay for the surgery when I checked my emails and to my delight I received an email from Optical Express saying that I won laser eye surgery. I was thrilled and someone from the Optical Express team confirmed by phone that day. I am absolutely delighted and am looking forward to the surgery.”
His treatment was carried out in our Dublin clinic and he was delighted with the results. A month after his surgery, Des updated us on his progress:
“Well I have to say my experience of the laser eye surgery was excellent from the day I walked into the clinic in Newbridge. The staffs were helpful and kind and the clinic itself is spotless. The procedure was explained in full and was over in about 10 minutes. Remember to bring sunglasses as your eyes will be very light sensitive!
“The next day I didn’t know what to expect. I was looking at everything to see any difference and I wasn’t let down. The clarity was unbelievable; from reading the paper to looking at the TV the difference was huge. It really is life in HD now.
“I got the surgery on Saturday morning and was back on night shift on Tuesday night where I really noticed the difference. I wasn’t squinting and wasn’t as tired as I normally would be at the end of a long 10 hour shift.
“All of the problems which I had pre-surgery have been resolved by the procedure and I can honestly say that it has been a life changing experience.”

August 2013 - Mary Murphy+

We randomly selected Mary Murphy from Cork as our winner of FREE laser eye surgery for August! Mary was delighted to discover she was our winner and after being found suitable for the surgery, she had it performed by local surgeon Conall Hurley in our new Cork treatment clinic. She told us before her surgery:
“I entered the competition and then forgot about as you normally do never thinking I would win.
“When I got the call from Optical Express to tell me I was the winner of the competition, I was shocked, stunned and thrilled. I have never won any competition and the thrill of winning was fantastic.
“Then panic set in “I had won laser eye surgery?”. I had to make the decision will I go through with it. I decided I would take the first step and attend the consultation which was arranged for my eyes to ensure I was a suitable candidate for the surgery. The staff was so professional and put me at ease by explaining the surgery and erasing any fears I had about the surgery so much so that I decided to take the final step!”
After her surgery, we caught up with Mary and she told us about her experience:
“Well the day for my surgery came and while I can say I was not afraid, I can say I was a little bit apprehensive. The staff I met at Optical Express clinic in the Model Farm Road clinic in Cork were fantastic and they put me at ease immediately. The eye scans I had previously were repeated and then I met with the surgeon who was going to perform the procedure and explained what he would be doing. The procedure for both eyes took about 10mins, and after another check of my eyes and the aftercare explained I was good to go, It was far easier than I expected and the aftercare was excellent and I had no discomfort.
“Not wearing glasses is a life changing, gone is the search for my glasses before I get into my car. I now have excellent vision and it is a joy not having to wear glasses when out shopping. I can now go into a crowded room without having to wear glasses and find my friends. If you are thinking about eye laser treatment and are worried about the surgery then don’t, it was painless. I would recommend anyone to go have the assessment to check if you are suitable for the surgery. I did and it has changed my life.”

July 2013 - Charlie Brewitt+
Charlie Brewitt from County Clare was randomly selected as the winner of our FREE laser eye surgery competition for the month of July. He was delighted to discover he was our winner and told us ‘This is absolutely fantastic news!! I’m over the moon this will be such a life changer’. Charlie had already attended a consultation and was found suitable in our Cork clinic so booked his surgery in our Newbridge clinic at the start of September.
“I have long dreamed about having perfect vision without the hassle of contact lenses or glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was about 6 years old and have always found them most annoying.
“At first, after receiving the confirmation email telling me I had won laser eye surgery, I was wary thinking it was just another spam email trying to get me to buy something. I ignored it initially and then received a phone call the next day from Optical Express confirming the prize and asking when I would like to book my appointment.
“As you can imagine I got a little excited and may have frightened the woman who rang me a bit! After calming down, I finally booked an appointment for 6th September. I was delighted to get the appointment in so early and I’m counting sheep trying to sleep with all the excitement. I cannot express my happiness towards this as its going to change my life completely.”
We spoke to Charlie a few months later and he told us:
“It’s been a few months now since I had my operation and my eye sight has never been better! I did take some time for the redness to go away but it was completely worth it!
“I’m back playing rugby and kayaking while being able to see everything clearly is a whole new experience. Sometimes I actually forget sometimes how lucky I was to get this opportunity and would like to say a big thank you again to the optical express team for everything they’ve done for me.”

June 2013+

June’s winner of FREE laser eye surgery unfortunately never got in contact to arrange their consultation within the 28 days so their prize was withdrawn.

May 2013+

We were unable to get in contact with May’s winner and their prize was sadly withdrawn.

April 2013 - Clodagh Bentley+

Our April competition winner of FREE laser eye surgery was Clodagh Bentley from Shannon. After her consultation in Cork, she told us:
“After learning I had won free laser eye surgery, I had my consultation in Cork and found the staff to be very friendly and efficient, made me feel very at ease and answered all my questions professionally. However after the scans and eye test they discovered that I was not suitable but I would have no hesitation to recommend Optical Express to anybody considering laser eye surgery. A few days later I was contacted by Optical Express and offered a �500 voucher as an alternative prize which I’m more than happy to receive.”

March 2013 – Carrie Guinan+

This month we randomly selected Carrie Guinan from Clara as our winner of FREE laser eye surgery. Carrie’s initial consultation was carried out in our Dublin Ballsbridge clinic at the end of April and after being found suitable, she arranged her surgery for the end of May.
After the life changing treatment she told us:
“Thank you so much to Optical Express for choosing me as a winner, this really has been a life changing experience. I was so surprised when I got the email to say I had won, needless to say I was ecstatic!
Just a quick thanks to everyone in the team in Ballsbridge, I had LASIK treatment last Friday & I’m delighted with the results, I can’t believe how simple it was.
I was very nervous about the treatment and everyone made me feel at ease. The staff talked me through everything step by step and answered all my questions. They were fantastic, friendly and very professional. I could not fault them.
The before and aftercare was excellent. The treatment itself was really fast and only lasted a few minutes. It was a painless procedure and the results are amazing. I would highly recommend this treatment, Thanks again to everyone at Optical Express.”

February 2013 – Margaret Bul+

Margaret Bul from Dublin was randomly selected as this month’s lucky winner. When she got the call, Margaret was delighted to discover she would be getting laser eye surgery from Optical Express � completely free of charge! Her consultation in Dublin proved she was a suitable candidate and she had her surgery carried out in May. Margaret told us:
“As I got older I went from bifocals to varifocals. It was becoming a nuisance because I worked in Catering, steamed up lenses were awkward! Earlier this year I went to Optical Express for a consultation and was told that I was eligible to have the LASIK procedure at their clinic. I want to thank the staff at Optical Express who helped me and explained each step of the procedure. The procedure itself was simple, quick and painless, I went home for a rest and was amazed when I woke up that my long-sight was more varifocals! All I need is a simple pair of reading glasses, other than that I don’t need them at all.”

January 2013 – Annette Hurley+

We are pleased to announce January’s lucky winner of laser eye surgery is Annette Hurley from Cork! When we informed Annette she would be receiving this life changing surgery completely free of charge, she was in shock and told us ‘You have no idea how you’ve make my day/week/month!’After her initial consultation determined she was suitable, Annette had her surgery in Dublin at the start of March.
She told us:
“It’s been over five weeks since having laser surgery with Optical Express in Ballsbridge, Dublin and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I now have better than 20:20 vision which I find incredible. I have heard some people say that they still reach for their glasses in the morning, but as a past contact lens wearer I didn’t experience that. What stands out for me is that I can distinctly see car registrations from further away when I’m driving and I have to constantly remind myself that I am not wearing contact lenses. From the moment I walked into the Ballsbridge clinic I was made to feel welcome and the friendly staff automatically helped me to relax. The procedure itself was very fast and in no way painful. The sharpness of my vision now is most noticeable on a clear sunny day. I never knew that this is what people with perfect vision can see. There are no words for how much I appreciate Optical Express giving me one of the most precious gifts, my sight. I will be forever grateful. You have changed my life immeasurably. I guess the moral of this little story is that, the competition is free to enter. Even if you don’t win, you can have a free consultation. One way or another you will know if you are a suitable candidate. It may also turn out to be less expensive than what you assume or if you are extremely lucky, like me, it could be completely free.”

December 2012 - Dean Kinsella +



Dean Kinsella from Cork was chosen as our winner for December! He was shocked to discover he was our winner of free laser eye surgery as he had already been for a consultation and was ready to book when he got the call. He had his treatment in Dublin at the end of February and is delighted with the results. He told us:
“From the day I realised I needed glasses at the age of 14, I never felt totally comfortable with the idea of wearing them. Although I wore contact lenses for several years, I always contemplated getting laser eye surgery. Having finally decided to go ahead with the procedure thanks to the competition, I realise it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. After 4 weeks I now have 20/20 vision! I would highly recommend laser eye surgery with Optical Express to anybody.”

November 2012+

Our November winner sadly did not respond to our calls or emails and missed out on the chance of FREE laser eye surgery!

October 2012 – Susan O’Driscoll+

Susan O’Driscoll from Dublin was randomly selected as our winner of FREE laser eye surgery for the month of October. Susan was delighted to hear she was our winner and after a consultation in Dublin, found she was suitable for the surgery. She had her treatment carried out at the beginning of December and enjoyed new vision for the New Year! She told us:
‘The results are worth it, I had LASEK surgery and my vision is now wonderful. It feel like I’m seeing things in HD and my night vision is particularly impressive. I would recommend it!’

September 2012 – Catherine Cosgrave+

The winner of Septembers free laser eye surgery is Catherine Cosgrave from Dublin! When she heard the news she told us:
“I never win anything so I was delighted to hear I won FREE Laser eye surgery! I had thought about for a while but didn’t really know if it was something that I would be suitable for.”
Luckily, her initial consultation in our Dundrum clinic determined she was suitable for the life changing procedure and she went ahead and had treatment in December and achieved fantastic vision!

August 2012 - Brendan Corcoran+

Our lucky August winner of FREE laser eye surgery is Brendan Corcoran from Westmeath! Brendan was delighted to discover he was our winner and told us ‘It seems like a dream to get this prize, I’m ever so grateful.’ His consultation was carried out in our Dundrum clinic in September and had his treatment in Dublin in October. Afterwards he told us:
“”I want to say a big thank you to all the staff at Optical Express. It was a big surprise to win this competition as I actually forgot I entered it! I had to call back Optical Express the next day to confirm I won it as it seemed too good to be true! I booked in my consultation the next week after I won the competition in the Dundrum clinic. I had the LASIK Wavefront Intralase treatment in the Ballsbridge clinic. The procedure itself only took less than twenty minutes and it was amazing waking up the next morning and not having to reach for my glasses! I do a lot of sports including swimming, cycling and running so for me it was a life changing event. My only regret is not getting it done a few years ago. All the staff in Optical Express were so helpful to me and were always there to answer the many questions I had. There are too many names to thank everyone individually.”

July 2012 - Mary Deeny+

Mary Deeny from Co. Donegall was randomly selected as our lucky competition winner for July! She was delighted to find out she would be receiving laser eye surgery from Optical Express, completely free of charge! Her initial consultation determined she would be a suitable candidate and her treatment was performed in our Dublin clinic in October. She told us:
‘I have been wearing glasses since I was three years of age…..a long time. Laser eye surgery was always at the back of my mind, but I had been told that I’d never be a suitable candidate. Contact lenses were never a success and I spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect contacts for me. I just wanted to SEE.
I entered the competition on the Optical Express site and a number of weeks later I got the call to say I’d won!!! Of course I did not believe the lady because truthfully I have NEVER won anything in my life. But the email followed, then the letter & the information pack arrived and I figured this was for real!!
The appointment was made and I was still apprehensive that this would not happen for me. Consultation was very thorough and the staff were very informative & professional but so friendly that I felt at ease right away. Imagine my delight, to put it mildly, to be told I was a candidate for surgery!!
The day of surgery, I was ecstatic, this was really happening to me. The staff in Belfast were very informative and I was told exactly what was happening as the procedure progressed. The Wavefront Lasik Intralase was so quick and more or less painless, not to mention the encouragement of the nurses in the operating theatre.
I took extremely good care of my eyes post op and was meticulous about drops etc. You often hear people complain about sore eyes afterwards, but you have to take good care with drops etc and it is really only a short time to get back to normal, so it is well worth being careful.
I would highly recommend Optical Express, they are professional, friendly and very understanding. It was truly a great experience with great results.
Thank you so much for a terrific prize, perfect eyesight I thought I’d never have.’

June 2012 - Emer McCardle+

June’s lucky winner of FREE laser eye surgery is Emer McCardle from Dublin! After attending a consultation in Dublin Dundrum, Emer was excited to find out she was a suitable candidate for laser eye surgery. She has booked her surgery for September, we will let you know how she gets on! She said:
“Thank you so much to Optical Express for choosing me as a winner, this has been a truly life changing experience. I was so surprised when I got the call to say I had won, I had worn glasses for over 20 years and dreamed of the day I wouldn’t need them anymore.
I had surgery in mid September just before my 30th birthday, all the staff from Newbridge and Dundrum where so pleasant and calming. I was very nervous but the procedure was completely pain free and quick and at my check up the next day my vision was better than 20/20.
Since the surgery all aspects of my life have improved, from working with children, home life with my own children, driving, exercising and cooking – all these tasks are now hassle free and easy. I cannot thank Optical Express and they’re amazing workforce enough for this. I would recommend anyone that is considering laser eye surgery to go for a consultation where all questions and fears are discussed, trust me I will never forget this experience. Thank you once again to all the amazing staff, you guys are awesome!”

May 2012+

Our May winner unfortunately did not respond to our calls or emails and missed out on the chance of FREE laser eye surgery!
Enter our competition today for your chance to win!

April 2012 - Joan Howard +

Our lucky April winner of free laser eye surgery is Joan Howard from Dalkey!
Joan was delighted to discover she was our winner. After being found suitable at her initial consultation, Joan had her surgery carried out at the beginning of June in Dublin and was amazed at the results.
She told us:
“When I got the phone call to say that I had won free laser eye surgery I could not believe it, I have never won anything before!
I was invited along for a consultation and although very excited I was expected to be told I was unsuitable for surgery as I have worn glasses since I started school and as I got older my eyes got worse until I ended up with a -5 prescription.
I ended up having LASEK surgery which has a 4 day recovery time. The following day was quite uncomfortable but it got easier. I just kept telling myself no pain no gain. It was definitely worth a couple of days discomfort in exchange for never having to wear my glasses again.
Having always had bad eyesight, even being able to read the time on my beside clock without first putting on my glasses is a new experience for me. Watching television is more enjoyable as everything is so much clearer, I can read the small print on the adverts!
It’s the little things that give me such a buzz, I cannot thank everyone at Optical Express Ballsbridge enough for giving me such a life changing gift.”

March 2012 - Daniel Butler+

Mr Daniel Butler from Dublin was our lucky March winner of free laser eye surgery! His consultation was booked into our Dublin clinic in May where he was found suitable for the treatment. Daniel’s surgery was carried out at the end of May in our Dublin clinic and he is delighted with the results.”
He told us:
“All of the staff were extremely helpful from start to finish, from the first consultation they were more than happy to answer any questions and make sure I felt at ease. A lot of the people I spoke to when arranging the consultation and surgery had it done themselves so they were able to offer personal experiences which was great.
On the day of the surgery the nurses were fantastic, talking me through the procedure which itself was completely painless and was over before I knew it! Within a few hours of the surgery I could notice the difference, and by the next day my sight was perfect.
It’s amazing that such a life changing surgery can be so simple, and it is great to wake up each day and not have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore!”
“All of the staff were extremely helpful from start to finish, from the first consultation they were more than happy to answer any questions and make sure I felt at ease. A lot of the people I spoke to when arranging the consultation and surgery had it done themselves so they were able to offer personal experiences which was great.
On the day of the surgery the nurses were fantastic, talking me through the procedure which itself was completely painless and was over before I knew it! Within a few hours of the surgery I could notice the difference, and by the next day my sight was perfect. It’s amazing that such a life changing surgery can be so simple, and it is great to wake up each day and not have to worry about glasses or contacts anymore!”

February 2012 - Sharon Morrison+

February’s lucky winner of free laser eye surgery is Sharon Morrison from County Limerick. Sharon was excited to discover she was selected as our winner and after an initial consultation in Cork, she had her surgery in Newbridge at the end of April.
She told us:
“Hi my name is Sharon Morrison and I am 21 years old, going into my last year of college. Money is very tight as I am a student.
I always wanted to get Laser eye correction done because I didn’t like wearing glasses and I found contract lenses so sore.
When I went on to the Optical Express website I entered into a draw to be in a chance to win Laser eye surgery for free. I was delighted to find out that I won and I was so excited to get it done.
On the day of surgery I was very nervous but the surgeon and nurses up in Optical Express Newbridge were the best. They made me feel at ease straight away and I felt so comfortable. I was only in surgery for a few minutes and I was shocked to find out that it was finished, it was so fast.
Straight afterwards I could see so much better and I was amazed. It was only uncomfortable the next 24hrs but now I have better then 20/20 vision so it was worth every minute of it.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of the staff in optional express in Cork and in Newbridge. You are the best. Thank you so much for changing my life! ”

January 2012 - Fionnuala Lynch +

Our first winner of the New Year is Fionnuala Lynch from Dublin! Fionnuala had already been to a consultation with Optical Express when she was notified of her fantastic prize. As she had already been found suitable, Fionnuala booked her surgery into the Dublin store at the end of April, and was delighted with the results!
She told us:”Life changing! No longer having to search for glasses that could never be found. I needed glasses for both and long and short distance so monovision certainly was the way to go! I love swimming and taking part in triathlons so not having to wear glasses is a dream come true. The staff were so professional and caring, truly a wonderful experience and totally pain free!”





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  1. There is one prize each month of either (i) a voucher for the full costs of laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement at Optical Express; or (ii) a €500 voucher for other Optical Express products or services (at the winner’s selection).
  2. The Optical Express prize draw is held on the 2nd Friday of each month for the previous calendar month.
  3. One winner each month will be randomly selected to win the prize.
  4. By entering the Optical Express prize draw you consent to Optical Express contacting you and processing your personal data to enable it to operate the prize draw.
  5. In the event you are selected as a winner of the prize draw, we will contact you by telephone or email to notify you. As a condition of receiving your prize you will be required to provide a photograph and testimonial to Optical Express and confirm that you consent to Optical Express publishing your name, photograph and the testimonial upon the website located at or If you don’t wish to give your consent for these activities then please do not enter the prize draw. If you do not provide a photograph or testimonial, or confirm your consent, or respond at all to our contact, within 28 days of us contacting you your right to the prize will be automatically withdrawn.
  6. In the event that your right to a prize is withdrawn we may offer the prize to another entrant in the prize draw.
  7. All vouchers must be redeemed within three months of their date or they will automatically lapse.
  8. The provision of laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement is subject to patient clinical suitability as determined at a free consultation at an Optical Express clinic. If a winner attends a consultation for laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement and is found to be clinically unsuitable, then a voucher worth €500 to be redeemed by the winner against other Optical Express products and or services will be issued.
  9. Prizes and vouchers are not transferable under any circumstances, even if a winner is deemed clinically unsuitable for laser eye surgery or natural lens replacement following their consultation.
  10. The surgeon’s decision on clinical suitability and whether to proceed with treatment is final.
  11. There is no cash alternative available.
  12. Open only to UK and Republic of Ireland residents.
  13. One entry per person per month. Entrants must be aged 18 years of age or over.
  14. Promoter: Optical Express (Westfield) Limited, 5 Deerdykes Road, Westfield, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G68 9HF (“Optical Express”).

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