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Presbyopia is an age related ocular condition that affects most individuals over the age of 40.
As we grow older the lens section of the human eye begins to harden and lose its elasticity. This hardening of the natural lens impedes the eye’s capability to focus on objects at a short distance. Most people will require reading glasses to remedy this condition but in some cases you may need bifocal or varifocal lenses to see clearly at longer distances.

Presbyopia Treatment

There are methods to treat presbyopia such as laser eye surgery however this type of treatment will is not a permanent solution as the condition will continue to shape and change the cornea. For this reason the most common and effective treatment of presbyopia is an intraocular lens procedure.
This involves the removal of the ageing lens and replacing it with a new lens that will never deteriorate making it a more suitable treatment than laser eye surgery. On average nearly 15 million safe and successful intraocular lens procedures are carried out worldwide ever single year.

Presbyopia Lenses

There are three main types of Presbyopia correcting lenses:

Light Adjustable Lens

The light adjustable lens allows extremely precise adjustments to be made to the lens implant even after the procedure has been completed. This allows our surgeons to completely customise your procedure resulting in the best possible results for both eyes. This piece of technology can also be used to correct other focusing deficiencies to allow for superior vision.

Accommodating Lens Implants

These are the lenses which are designed with a specific mechanism which allows for increased flexibility with the eye. This allows the eye to change focus when required.

Multifocal Lenses

This type of lens is separated into different sections allowing you to experience accuracy at both long and short distances.