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IOL Lens Surgery Reviews


We understand that, whilst Optical Express is a leading eyecare provider, when it comes to selecting where to undergo your lens surgery, nothing quite beats hearing all about the experience from people who have undergone surgery themselves.

John Michael Harris – Private Landlord

Patient Reviews

Our patients love to share their opinions and thoughts on their experience. Read all about lens surgery in the words of our previously treated patients.


Featured Patient Stories

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“Poor vision was affecting almost every aspect of my life. I often get roles playing femme fatales where I’m expected to look very glamorous, the directors don’t want someone wearing glasses. But the last straw was when I got lost skiing, taking a wrong turn as I was unable to read a sign! The improvement after intraocular lens treatment has been extraordinary. I immediately noticed that colours seemed much brighter and it’s the little things that thrill me most, like being able to thread a needle or read a text message. I feel like I have the eyesight of a teenager and now that I’m no longer dependant on glasses I have so much more freedom and confidence.
“During my first red carpet event after treatment, I was at last able to see Brad Pitt and George Clooney in perfect vision, what a treat!
“I adored the friendliness and efficiency of Optical Express, they really have changed my life.”

Sally Farmiloe-Neville
Award winning actress, author and presenter

“As every seasoned athlete will agree, relying on contact lenses and glasses to participate in our chosen field can hinder our performance. As an active triathlete and triathlon coach I never imagined the fantastic transformation in my everyday life after my intraocular lens treatment with Optical Express. I no longer have to contend with red and blurry eyes, or the irrepressible worry of losing a lens in the water while competing.
“Having worn contact lenses for forty years I feel revitalised and positive, like a young woman again. To the many athletes affected by the same eyesight issues that I once had, especially the slightly older among us, I say go for it, you’ll be amazed!
“I have no hesitation in recommending Optical Express, simply brilliant.”

Jo Lewis
220 Women’s Triathlete of the Year 2012