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The 10 most frequently asked questions about Lens Surgery

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1. What is lens surgery?

For the majority of patients under 40 who want freedom from their glasses and contact lenses, laser eye surgery is the treatment of choice. However, for others there is a better and more suitable life changing alternative. Lens surgery is a well established treatment that offers the same visual freedom as laser eye surgery with the additional benefit of being able to correct age related reading vision and prevent the development of cataracts.

2. How much does lens surgery cost?

Each patient’s visual demands are unique and therefore there is not one set price for a lens surgery procedure. Prices are from €2,495 and will be discussed at a FREE consultation.
For more information visit our Prices and Finance page.

3. Who is a suitable candidate for lens surgery?

Most people over the age of 40 years of age are suitable candidates for lens surgery and there is no upper age limit. Younger patients with strong prescriptions may be suitable for this procedure.


4. How long does lens surgery take to perform?

Lens surgery takes approximately fifteen minutes to perform. The sedation provided lasts about one hour.


5. How soon are you able to watch tv after lens surgery?

You can watch television the day after lens surgery. Focusing on a task like the television can be aided by the use of lubricating eye drops.


6. What different types of lens surgery treatment exist today?

There are two primary types of lens surgery; replacement lens surgery and corrective lens surgery. The recommended type of surgery that best suits your needs is mainly based on your age and whether you have developed cataracts.


7. How soon following lens surgery are you able to drive?

The optometrist undertaking the one day assessment will confirm if the patient meets the minimum vision standard to drive. The majority of lens surgery patients can do so after two or three days post operatively.


8. Do you do refractive lens exchange surgery?

Yes. We recommend that you book a FREE lens surgery consultation to allow us to discuss your requirements and to determine your suitability.


9. I have astigmatism – is lens surgery an option for me?

Yes. With lens surgery we treat to 12 dioptres of astigmatism.


10. How soon following lens surgery are you able to return to work?

Most patients having a lens surgery procedure are advised to wait 3 days before returning to work.