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Why Our Eyes Deteriorate

As we grow older our eye naturally begins to deteriorate and intraocular treatment can be the most suitable treatment for those aged over 50. The main reason our eye sight begins to deteriorate as we grow older is due to the fact that the lens in our eye naturally begins to harden.

Our lens is naturally flexible which allows us to focus clearly at both short and long distances. As our lenses harden over time our ability to focus on far away objects such as a car licence plate in the distance or at shorter distances such as when we are reading a news paper gradually becomes more difficult. In the past the normal solution has been prescription glasses however this does not solve the solution permanently. Intraocular lens treatment can be a more permanent solution and gives us a new sense of freedom as we grow older.

If you are experiencing a gradual deterioration in your eye sight as you are getting older intraocular lens treatment with Optical Express could offer you a clearer future.