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Can I have treatment in the UK or Ireland if I live abroad?

Yes, we recommend a minimum window of ten days to have laser eye surgery during which time you would only visit the clinic on four occasions. If you are a contact lens wearer, you should stop wearing them for a short time prior to both your consultation and treatment day. Wearing them can temporarily change the shape of your cornea so it is important to allow time for it to return to its normal curvature.

Your optometrist will advise you of a suitable date to stop wearing your contact lenses.

Day one of your ten day laser eye surgery journey would be your consultation day. If you are found to be suitable, you would then be able to have surgery 48 hours later (day three). Your one day follow-up appointment would be day four with no further appointments required until day ten which would be your one week check-up. You can then attend further follow up care in your home country at an Optical Express clinic or our partner clinics.

You would only require a full day to accommodate your treatment time and rest period on your day of treatment.

There would be no medical reason why you would not be able to fly within a week of having laser eye surgery, including long haul flights, although we would advise you to take eye drops onboard as the air cabin pressure may cause your eyes to become dry.


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