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How do you treat myopia?

Myopia, or shortsightedness, is most commonly corrected with minus-powered spectacle lenses. As with all spectacles the lenses become thicker and heavier as the power increases but this can be minimised with careful choice of frames and use of high index materials – your optometrist can demonstrate these options.

Contact lenses are often an excellent method of correcting myopia especially during sports and in active lifestyles. Various lens materials and designs are available to fit most shapes of eyes and prescriptions. Ask your optometrist if you could be suitable for contact lenses. You could even have them tinted to change your eye colour!

Refractive surgery is a permanent way to correct your myopia. There are detailed diagnostic tests to be done to ensure you are suitable and advice needs to be given for your individual needs but refractive surgery provides better vision for millions of people each year. With Laser Eye surgery up to 12 dioptres of short sightedness or myopia can be treated. Intraocular lens treatments can further expand upon this range.


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