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What are the different types of soft contact lenses available?

Generally, soft contact lenses are categorised by their planned replacement frequency and are available as:

  • Daily replacement
  • Two weekly replacement
  • Monthly replacement
  • Three monthly replacement
  • Six monthly replacement
  • Annual replacement

Without doubt, daily and monthly replacement options are the most popular. Some of these are available tinted to change perceived eye colour.

Another way of categorising soft lenses is whether they can be used while sleeping. These are known as ‘extended wear’ lenses (as opposed to ‘daily wear’

Soft lenses are also available as single vision (single prescription for whole lens), multifocal (more than one focal point within the lens) to help with reading problems and toric (two curves rather than one) to correct astigmatism.

There are some special soft lenses that can help correct medical conditions like keratoconus or that are used as bandages after eye injuries. Some are impregnated with drugs to help an eye heal or treat disease.


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