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What is the difference between having intraocular lens treatment privately with Optical Express or under the NHS?

The main different is that the NHS only carry out the procedure to remove cataracts. Only monofocal lenses are used and waiting times can be long.

In contrast, our aim is to correct your eye prescription and improve your vision before cataracts develop. We use premium monofocal or multifocal lenses and due to our size and scale are able to offer you the procedure typically at a time that suits you.

Our premium multifocal lenses correct your vision at different distances. As well as overcoming any natural lens changes or cataract should this be present.

With Optical Express, a laser procedure can be performed at no additional cost for those that are left with a small residual eye prescription. This is not available within the NHS.

Furthermore we see you when necessary post operatively. It is not uncommon for a patient to have less frequent check-ups following the procedure within the NHS.


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