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Sue Wagstaffe


My name is Sue Wagstaffe and I’m 65 and I’m retired. Before I retired I started in banking and I had a self-catering company with a friend and I’ve just been involved in charity work really since then, working at the Crosshouse Hospital. Well, my main hobby is gardening and I am the Chairman of the Gardening Club in Stewarton, but that doesn’t mean to say I know everything about gardening. I enjoy reading and walking my dog, which means that I’m out every day and I love my crossword. I buy the paper really for the crossword.

Before treatment what was your prescription?

I was very short sighted and have been since I was a teenager. I had contact lenses when I was 21 and wore them basically all the time until the last few years when I had dry eyes and had to wear my glasses a lot, a lot more. I do think glasses are, in this day and age, I think they’re brilliant. Some of the designs are wonderful, but from my point of view I just prefer to have had this treatment because I’ve been looking to have it for probably the last 20 years, so I thought it’s about time.

Why did you choose Optical Express?

I choose Optical Express because I had seen quite a lot of advertisements and I’d seen television advertisements and I went to see them and they proved to be the best.

How was your experience with Optical Express?

I have to say they were brilliant from the first initial enquiry. I had all the information I needed and went home and thought about it, went back for a consultation and every step of the way has been easy.

What were your concerns prior to treatment?

The only thing that I think I felt uncomfortable about was would it work. I did think age might have been something to consider, but no, it’s been great. There’s every opportunity to speak to the surgeon, which I did actually before I had the procedure, you know, at one of my visits and there didn’t seem to be any problem with that at all. Once I was there, I mean, it was just straightforward and 20 minutes, it’s just amazing.

How did you feel after your treatment?

It was just like magic because it had, it had worked. It was instant. As soon as I got up, you know, I could see across the room which, clearly, you know, without all the haze. Yes, it was, it was really magic, so I was quite, quite elated.

I really was fortunate I didn’t have any pain. It was a wee bit of discomfort and you’re given goggles to wear when you’re in bed because you may have the tendency to rub your eye, but even that wasn’t invasive, which I thought it would be. So a week afterwards it was almost as if it had always been, so very natural.

When did you first notice the effects of your treatment?

Immediately. I have to say that because it was. He did say when you’ve, when you get up you will see long distance and I did and it was wonderful. I don’t have any regrets at all. It was a very simple procedure really, much more so than I’d anticipated. There was very little pain, most, a wee bit of discomfort, but no, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate and I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage anyone else to have it done.