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Adam Farley


Hi, I’m Adam. I had laser vision correction done three years ago through in Glasgow. The procedure itself was so quick and painless it was actually quite unexpected – I probably find my check-ups at the dentist worse then that was, actually.

Ever since then for the past three years it’s totally changed my life. From being able to see in the shower, what I’m doing, what shampoos I’m using, being able to swim when I go to the gym. And my main reason for wanting to have it done is I do quite a lot of sailing as well and being able to have salt water splash into my eye without irritating my contact lenses – it’s changed everything there.

From the moment that I stepped into the Renfield Street branch of Optical Express through in Glasgow, I was looked after straight away. Everything that I could possibly want to know about the procedure was explained to me in both a medical way, telling me the risks, but in a way that I could relate to myself and everything was made personal to myself when I was there.

When I arrived for the procedure day, just about a week after the consultation, again, the nurses, they looked after me, my surgeon, Dr. Mantry, looked after me every step of the way. He talked me through the whole procedure as well so I knew what to expect and what was going to happen so I was totally put at ease for the whole procedure, and ever since then I’ve had 100% confidence in all my aftercare.

If anyone was unsure about having the procedure carried out, I would just need to tell them, “go in for a consultation, find out more about it, and let the guys put your mind at ease.” Fear was the biggest thing that was putting me off. At the end of the day, your eyes are your most precious tool that you have.

At no point did I feel pressured into anything. Everything was just 100% at my pace, and the care that I’ve had has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve just had my final 2-year check-up now from having surgery done and I’m still seeing better than I did with my glasses.