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George Manoli


My name is George Manoli. I’m 44 years old and I’m an Ice Cream Man. I’ve worn my glasses since I was 12 years old. I had to wear my glasses on a daily basis, without them I’d feel rather lost. I hated my National Health glasses like most children did and really didn’t like to wear them. At school I’d have to sit at the front of the class and did everything I could just not to wear glasses.

What made you consider laser eye surgery?

I’ve never considered wearing contact lenses. It’s just something that doesn’t suit me. It’s not an option that I’d want to go down. I’d thought about laser eye surgery for many years. It was last year when I decided to have laser eye surgery and I undergone the operation in January of this year.

How did you research laser eye surgery?

I did ask for recommendations and once I’d got up to the Trafford Centre, where I had my surgery done, I looked through many books and did some research on the internet as well. Actually I’ve got a friend of a friend who had laser eye surgery and the feedback that I got from visiting this friend was fantastic. Her vision has gone just unbelievable and she recommended it to her friend who recommended it to me. It was very, very good the information that I found online. There’s many people doing laser eye surgery, but I opted to go with Optical Express.

Why did you choose Optical Express?

Laser eye surgery these days is in the press all the time and you turn the telly on and there’s many adverts and it got me thinking it’d be really nice not to wear glasses and I decided to give Optical Express a call. After the initial enquiry I booked in for the consultation and I had the procedure within 2 weeks.

How were your concerns addressed prior to treatment?

There was a few things online that actually put me off and made me dig a bit deeper for some additional research. I asked the questions at Optical Express and they explained everything to me and it put me back at ease. My wife and daughter actually helped me to make my mind up and both encouraged me to go for it.

Tell us about your treatment?

My treatment cost me £1,200. On the day of surgery I was rather nervous to start with. I was put at ease by the Optical Express staff and it was over in moments. 100% worth it, I’d do it again tomorrow.

Who was the first person you called or shared your experience with?

Once I’d had the surgery the first person I called was my big brother. I told him that I had had the surgery and he couldn’t believe that I’d had it done and it was just ditch the glasses.

When did you first notice the effects of your treatment?

Within days I noticed an improvement in my sight and the eye really heals quite quickly. I was quite astonished actually.

How has this procedure changed your life?

Since having laser eye surgery my life has really changed for the better. I still play football for the veterans and my game’s just improved as I’ve got older. I play snooker now without my glasses and my game’s improved. Just every day, from driving, it’s a pleasure now to drive, especially at night. Driving’s also my job and driving is now a real pleasure since I’ve had the surgery.

What was your experience of the Optical Express team?

My experience with the Optical Express team, it was just fabulous. Very professional, put me at ease and the aftercare was just superb. I would 100% recommend Optical Express to my friends and family and even my customers.