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Joselyn Ames


My name is Joselyn, I’m 20 years old and yesterday I decided to have laser eye surgery.

I chose Optical Express because I have heard that it’s one of the major Opticians in the UK and I trusted them because I’ve heard of them before through friends. They’re also the number 1 Opticians in Europe for laser eye surgery and it’s also my normal Optician. During the treatment I felt really comfortable.

The Optician was really friendly and I was explained what would happen before the procedure, during and after, so I knew what to expect and I felt really calm about it.

Yeah, I have noticed a difference almost straight away actually. As soon as I sat up from the surgery bed I noticed that I could see a lot clearer, although it was quite misty, but it’s been one day now and already I can see without a problem and it’s really exciting.

The aftercare was really good. I got care the next day. I came in and they thoroughly looked at my eyes and felt that I was comfortable with it and that everything was going really well. They reassured me that it was, they was a slight infection, but it was alright and yeah, I’m pretty happy with it.

Yeah, I would recommend Optical Express. I think they’re really trustworthy and reliable.