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Karen Hettmann


My name’s Karen Hettman. I’m 25 and I work for Optical Express Marketing Department. My job involves PR, advertising and marketing for Optical Express as well as the dental clinic and the cosmetic clinic. The thing I enjoy most about working with Optical Express Group is that it is a global brand, no 2 days are the same and I work across marketing, advertising, PR and events and every day is a challenge.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are shopping, I absolutely love shopping, going out to the cinema with friends, going out for a drink, lunch with friends and I also show my 2 pedigree cats called Stan and Zac, so I’m up and down the country going to cat shows with them.

Tell us about your vision.

My prescription was my right eye was -4.75 and my left eye was -4.25, so I was very short sighted. My prescription now is I have 20:20 vision.

What made you consider laser eye surgery?

The main thing that made me consider laser eye surgery was just mainly the hassle with contacts and the problems that I’d faced with them. So it was basically coming home from a night out, I mean you’re already taking your make up off and then, I wore monthly contact lenses, so you also had to take them out, clean them, put them away and I just, it was just too much.

How did you find out about laser eye surgery?

When I started working at Optical Express I spoke to the staff, I spoke to the team that I worked with and I spoke to the clinics. I had also seen patient testimonials from patients who had had the surgery and that put my mind totally at ease.

Tell us about your treatment?

I choose Lasik Wavefront with IntraLase because of its fast recovery time. A week after surgery my eyesight was amazing. It was better than 20:20 and the best of thing of all is I could wear my mascara again, so I was happy.

When did you first notice the effects of your treatment?

I first noticed the effects of my treatment when I sat up from surgery. I mean yes, it was a bit cloudy, but I could see clearer than I could with my glasses. Believe it or not, the first person I called, actually sorry actually, I text after I had surgery was my boss here at Optical Express to say I can see already, this is amazing.

What is the best thing about having this procedure carried out?

The best thing about having this procedure carried out is the freedom. You don’t have to worry about anything. You can get up, you can go swimming, you can go to the gym, you can go shopping and not having to worry about your contact lenses.

The thing that surprised me most was how quickly the procedure was over. I was in and out within 20 minutes and the next day I was back at work and I was driving also, so I was delighted.

I can’t imagine going back to the way I lived my life before I had laser eye surgery. You totally take it for granted to be honest with you. I mean I’ve had it done 4 years and I just can’t imagine having to put contact lenses in and out every day.