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Laura Finlayson


My name is Laura Finlayson and I had laser eye surgery with Optical Express. I decided to have the laser eye surgery after having the consultation. It seemed like something I would be quite comfortable to go forward with and to be free from glasses and my contact lenses.

I felt quite nervous to begin with, but the staff there made me feel quite comfortable and during the procedure, it was quite quick, so it was over and done with without any problems really.

I’m really pleased with the results, just the difference within even 30 seconds after having the surgery I knew that I was able to see more clearly and as time has went by it’s just more and more, just getting used to the idea of not having specs, it’s all quite surreal.

The staff were excellent at Optical Express. They made me feel quite at ease, quite comfortable during and after my surgery.

Having laser eye surgery, I quite enjoy swimming, especially when you go on holiday and things, not having to use your contact lenses, drying up with the heat and also in swimming with the chlorine and things like that, you can actually swim without having to worry about not seeing where you’re going.