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Sanoober Patel


My name is Sanoobar Patel. I’m 25 years old. I’m a Marketing and PR Manager for a Sixth Form College. I spend a lot of time visiting schools, dealing with the social media side of things.

I wanted to have laser eye surgery for, since I was about 10 maybe, if it existed when I was 10. I really hated having glasses and I really wanted to have the freedom of not having to wear glasses on a daily basis, having to fuss around with contact lenses. So, when I finally felt I was comfortable to have the laser eye surgery I decided to go for it.

I looked at Optical Express, looked at the reviews. They seemed good. I had a friend who had already had her eyes done at Optical Express and then I decided to go for a consultation to see how the consultation would make me feel. At the consultation process of my laser eye surgery all my concerns were actually addressed. The lady that I did actually see, she was very good at talking me through the process, talking me through what would happen on the day, what would happen after, what kind of drops I’d even have to use. She got very technical with it, but that kinda put my kinda concerns at ease because it meant that I knew exactly what I was signing up for when I did.

I did look at other laser eye providers. I even went for a consultation with one of them about 4 years ago and I didn’t feel very comfortable when I went and after that I kinda just backed out and chickened out again and just didn’t do it. So you know, it did take me a while to choose my provider as well.

Once I had it done it was a huge relief. I first noticed the effects of my treatment almost instantaneously because just waking up the next morning and being able to see my clock was really strange because I’ve never noticed I had a clock on my wall, which had actually stopped, but I had a clock on my wall which I could see in the morning which was just absolutely amazing.

One of my friends actually hasn’t, hadn’t had laser eye surgery and she was very keen to find out how my laser eye surgery would go, so once I had the laser eye surgery done I literally gave her a ring and said oh my god, you have to do this, it really will change your life and her prescription was way, way, way worse than mine. So when I told her she was just absolutely amazed, she was seriously like you can see. I was like yes, I can see. She says you’re not going blind, I’m like no, I’m not going blind, I can see.

This procedure has changed my life because it means I can go away on holiday and not have to faff about with contact lenses and try and plan when I’m going to wear contact lenses and when I’m going to need my glasses. It has, it’s kinda made my life so much easier. I can wear eye makeup and I can wear sunglasses when it’s sunny. It’s like I’ve never even owned a pair of sunglasses until this year.

My experience of the Optical Express team was positive actually, extremely positive. From the moment I went for my consultation to them calling me to kind of make sure that I was okay in terms of booking my appointment, sending me texts to remind me when the appointments were, bringing me in for the procedure, bringing me up for the follow-up. I actually have no complaints throughout the entire process and I’m quite fussy when it comes to things like that.

A week after surgery I felt like I’d never had glasses and that entire week I spent my entire time testing myself. I found myself kinda walking down the road and seeing if I could read number plates from a distance and you know, testing myself if I could read something at a distance or see anything at a distance. I kept telling people oh, tell me to read that bus number, can I see that bus number. My friends were all like oh for goodness sake like, yes, I know you’ve had laser eye surgery, but for me that was a novelty, you know, being able to see at a distance and being able to read the clock in the morning and you know, being able to wake up without having to worry about looking for my glasses. I think that was just the most amazing thing for me. I don’t have any regrets at all about my laser eye surgery. It’s just changed my life, it really has.