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Qasim Iqbal


Hi, my name is Qasim and I had laser eye surgery done approximately a year and a half ago with Optical Express – August 2008. The surgery I had done was Wavefront IntraLase. Great experience overall – absolutely no problems whatsoever.

The main reasons for having surgery was mainly contact sports – I play a lot of football, do a lot of 5-a-side, do a lot of jogging and running, and I wasn’t very happy at all with my contact lenses. They kept drying out, they weren’t comfortable, they kept moving about. I didn’t mind wearing my glasses during work, and during my classes at uni, and things like that, but the big problem was contact lenses.

I decided just to get rid of everything, go for the laser, and thankfully great experience, no problems whatsoever with it. Before the surgery, you’re expecting to be quite nervous. I was quite laid back, didn’t think much of it, even though I was thinking “what if something goes wrong?” – all those things that run through your head.

But overall, great experience. Afterwards, only complication I had was a bit of dry eye, but again, using drops that were given to me by the surgeon. Day after that, I had my post-op. I went from the top level of the chart which I couldn’t see without my glasses, to seeing the bottom of the chart the day after.

Great experience. Overall, very, very happy, and would recommend it to anyone.