Free Treatment for Industry Professionals

“I was super happy with the vision I had just two days after the treatment.”


Optometrist & Laser Eye Surgery Patient
November 2021

Umayr, a pre-registration optometrist at Specsavers, received free laser eye surgery treatment as part of our offer to industry professionals and was treated at our state of the art clinic in Bridgewater, Manchester by renowned ophthalmologist Dr Kazmi. When he first heard of the campaign, he was surprised by the offering, commenting, “When I did hear about this incentive through a friend, I was actually really amazed at how it’s all covered, the costs are all covered.”

As part of the campaign, Optical Express aimed to raise awareness and donations for the environmental charity, Ocean Generation, supporting them in continuing their fantastic work which aims to provide education around ocean threats, and influence policy change. Umayr explained, “In return, they don’t ask for anything. But they do ask if you can donate to a charity, a certain charity which looks out for the environment, trying to reduce the amount of plastic that we are throwing away.”

Having to wear face masks was the final push for Umayr in thinking about laser eye surgery as his glasses would constantly steam up impairing his vision and causing frustration, “I was sick of wearing glasses all the time. With the pandemic going on, my glasses would steam up.”  Because of this, he began to wear contact lenses more, however, he was concerned with the risk of infection they posed “I was starting to have a bit of an allergic reaction, a bit of an infection. Also, I do go swimming as well, so wearing contact lenses is not the best.” Once he heard that Optical Express were offering free laser eye surgery and he was eligible, he could not wait to sign himself up. 

Umayr had a fantastic experience with Optical Express. From his first consultation to the day of his surgery, he expressed how pleased he was with his surgeon Dr Kazmi, “Even before I met him, everyone told me how friendly he was, how great he was. He has so much experience, so much knowledge.” Umayr felt that the staff looked after him well and answered any questions he had. He described the procedure as quick and painless, and couldn’t believe how well he could see straight after the surgery.

The day after his procedure, Umayr naturally went to put on his glasses in the morning, “It was like that scene from Spiderman where he’s taken his glasses off, putting them back on again. It wasn’t clear with them on, but it was clear without them,”.’ He continues, “Two days afterwards, when I went into work, with me being an optometrist, I had a look at the chart that is in my practice, and I could see the bottom line which is better than the average. So I was super happy with the vision I had just two days afterwards.”

During his time at university, Umayr attended only one lecture on refractive surgery and although it was worthwhile, he felt it did not provide enough information on the subject or go into great detail about the benefits of the procedures. He explains, “Thinking about it now, they should have taught us a little bit more about the benefits of laser eye surgery. Not just so we know ourselves, but so we can also discuss it with the public. “Having now had laser eye surgery, thanks to Optical Express, Umayr can see just how important it is that optometry students are taught more in-depth about the procedure to provide them with the correct knowledge to be able to better inform their patients of all the vision correction options that are available to them.

The Optical Express campaign has helped Umayr gain knowledge of the benefits and process of laser eye surgery and shed light on the impact that contact lenses and glasses have on our environment, “I think before, and if you had asked me three years ago, I wouldn’t have thought about it. But now I am more aware, and I am glad that Optical Express have mentioned this and that they are making a change.” He concludes, “So I think it is really important. Number one, it is saving material from glasses. Number two, you are saving the use of plastic. The amount of plastic thrown away with contact lenses is huge.’ Umayr feels that the message and meaning behind the Optical Express campaign are essential, and he will now be able to educate his patients on the benefits vision correction surgery can have, not only on their health and wellbeing, but for our environment as well.