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iScan – getting the most out of your eye test

Eye examinations are important, not just for checking your vision, but their health can indicate an underlying health condition. It’s really important that you attend your optometrist every two years.

The good news is, when you attend an eye exam at Optical Express, you’ll receive a report that’s exclusive to us. The iScan includes details of the health, prescription and diagnostics of each of your eyes.

The iScan report is individual to you; it brings together the unique characteristics of your eyes and collates detailed information on your eye health and prescription. This data can also help identify issues with some aspects of your general health.

iScan allows our optometrists and surgeons to readily access the clinical information they need to monitor adverse changes in your eye health, and in some areas of general health.

Your iScan report includes the detailed results of your eye examination and any variations that have occurred. It brings together important information that helps our optometrists and surgeons to identify early signs of disease, such as glaucoma and cataracts, as well as a number of other eye and general health conditions.

An iScan report is sent by email to every patient following a full eye test or eye surgery consultation at Optical Express. If you have any questions regarding the content of your iScan report please contact the clinic you attended and they will be happy to help.

When you reguarly attend your eye test at Optical Express, we are able to build up a record of the health of your eyes over a number of years, which may help in the diagnosis of particular health conditions. Early diagnosis can be essential in preventing or delaying more serious damage to your eyes.

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