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Olympic boxer Nicola is floating like a butterfl-eye after laser treatment


Two-time Olympic gold medal winning boxer Nicola Adams recently received laser eye treatment at Optical Express and is already enjoying one great benefit of the surgery – improved performance in the ring.

Nicola began boxing aged 12, starting her competitive career in the National Championships, which she won. She then moved on to boxing for England before competing for Team GB. Storming the London 2012 Olympics by winning a gold medal, Nicola didn’t let the momentum die when she grabbed gold at the follow-up games in Rio in 2016. If that’s not enough, she also won the World Championships and also won gold at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Nicola’s achievements are no mean feat but a few years ago attended an eye test where she realised her eye sight wasn’t as it should be. She started wearing reading glasses for reading and driving and contact lenses when she was training.

She’d sometimes lose her glasses or scratch them, and contact lenses would come out. That’s when she knew the time was right to consider laser eye surgery and since her treatment, she’s really experienced the benefits of crystal clear vision without the hassle of glasses and contacts.

“I thought laser eye surgery would be good for my boxing and it’s definitely made everything a lot clearer, a lot sharper and I don’t need to wear my contact lenses anymore when I’m training which is really good for me. I definitely feel more confident when I’m going into training sessions. One thing I noticed when I was in the ring and I was training I wouldn’t always be able to see the time clock and where the time was. (After treatment) I could actually see it and I wasn’t squinting to see it so that was a really big moment for me!”

As a professional sportsperson, returning to training as quickly as possible after treatment was imperative to Nicola. “I was really surprised at how quickly I could get back into training. I was training in under 2 weeks which was really good and I didn’t miss much training. It was nice to be able to get back in the swing of things.”

Nicola had some advice to offer those who might be considering undergoing laser eye treatment. “I’d definitely recommend it. It’s made a world of difference to my life and it’s a thing that sportspeople should consider. It’s a lot easier than wearing glasses or contact lenses all of the time and it’s one less thing to have to worry about.”

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