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“I can see better now at 45 years of age than I ever could in my teens!”

Dawn and Ashley Ward

Reality TV Stars, Lens Surgery Patients
May 2019

Reality TV stars, Dawn and Ashley Ward, are husband and wife, best friends, parents, colleagues, and reality TV royalty, and decided to make a change to their lives and get lens replacement surgery to improve their vision. Tired of feeling frustrated by their deteriorating eyesight, and the lack of confidence that came with it, Dawn and Ashley knew it was time to sort it out.

Despite being body confident on the fly-on-the-wall reality series, Dawn revealed her poor eyesight has reduced her to tears: “The entire family were going away on a skiing holiday and I dropped my glasses at the train station, they all laughed at me for being so worried and not being able to find them and I just broke down in tears.”

“Having that feeling when you just can’t see, it totally knocked my confidence and I heavily relied on glasses for everything. I didn’t really get on with contact lenses, so surgery was my only option.”

In the latest joint adventure together, Dawn and Ashley both had eye lens replacement surgery on the same day at an Optical Express clinic in Manchester. Ashley said: “I always had amazing eyesight until I was in my 40s then it deteriorated rapidly. It was so frustrating, I knew I had to get it sorted out. I couldn’t believe how easy everything was and how good my eyes felt afterwards, it was like being back in my 20s. The difference between my eyesight before and after was like night and day.”

Her fellow castmates on the show aren’t as delighted with Dawn’s new 20/20 vision as Dawn confessed: “Some of my friends are desperate for me to get my old eyes back, I spotted two nostril hairs and blemishes on one of my friends and she told me to get my old eyesight back as I’m driving her mad!”

Dawn revealed the money the couple have already saved by having lens replacement surgery: “I don’t use my makeup artist as much at all now, I’ve just been guessing where make up should go on my face but now, I can see it crystal clear.” On seeing the future Dawn said: “I can see better now at 45 years of age than I ever could in my teens!”