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Thanks to laser eye surgery, Ed can see everything from the tiny cherub fish to the enormous whale shark!


Ed Borgnis

Age: 34, Treatment: Laser Eye Surgery

I'm a big lover of sports – skiing, sailing, playing squash and my favourite, scuba diving. Being free from glasses and contact lenses makes all of these much, much easier. Not having to put up with glasses fogging up under ski goggles, having to wear contacts all the time, or spray from the ocean on the lenses has made the world of difference to my sporting life.

Aside from sports, I need to put food on the table, so I work as a freelance Production Manager in theatre and live events. It's long hours and sets are often hot, dry and dusty and the time you can comfortably wear contact lenses is limited. I was lucky to get through a couple of hours without some irritation. And glasses were just a pain – reflections from set lighting, keeping them clean, it was just all a big struggle.

It's like being inside a clearer, brighter world.

Ed Borgnis, Production Manager, London

A clearer, brighter world

Having had treatment, it's like being inside a clearer, brighter world because before, you didn't know any different; you can't remember a time when you had perfect vision, so you get used to putting up with and ‘making do' with the vision you've got. I recall scuba diving in Barbados and losing a contact 30m down – not ideal! Now, I genuinely feel a lot happier doing the things I love.

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