Patient Reviews

“My vision’s better now than it ever was with glasses or contacts.”

Kaz Crossley

Reality TV Star, Laser Eye Surgery Patient
June 2019

Love Island star Kaz Crossley reveals all about her new outlook on life after her life-changing laser eye surgery with Optical Express.

“I had thought about having laser eye surgery before. It’s been on my mind probably for the last 3 or 4 years. I can’t wait to get rid of these glasses. I’m always breaking them or stepping on them, I’m just a clumsy person! I’m definitely not the type of person who wants glasses.”

Life in the Love Island villa was tough for Kaz and her eyes. “I had to wear sunglasses all the time.” She explains. “For me, it was quite hard because I had to wear contact lenses every day. So my eyes got quite dry. I still have to wear contact lenses every day, which is why I want to get surgery.”

Before she entered the villa, Kaz was a makeup artist so spent most of her time behind the camera. Now, as one of the show’s biggest stars, she spends most of her time in front of the lens. “I’m doing shoots, going away, taking pictures for Instagram and I pretty much wear my contact lenses every day.”

“So getting laser eye surgery is really going to change my life.” She continues, adding, “Not only my day to day life but my career. I’m on Instagram all of the time. I won’t need to hold my phone so close to me and will also affect when I’m driving, when I’m going away, when I’m doing sports, when I’m going to the gym. Honestly, I can’t wait!”

So post-surgery, what’s the verdict? “I can see now!” Kaz exclaims excitedly. “I woke up the next day and could literally see everything. It’s crazy! It’s actually better than when I was wearing my glasses or contact lenses.”

“When I wake up in the morning, I check my Instagram, and this morning, I could have my phone further away from my face. I could really tell the difference.”

How did Kaz find the procedure and staff at Optical Express? “I was so surprised at how quick the procedure was. It was 15 minutes and completely painless. I was in and out, it was really quick. The staff were amazing and made me feel so welcome. They made me feel so much at ease about the procedure.”

“Now I’ve got my HD vision, summer 2019 is going to be full of much more holidays, much more jumping into the sea and getting water in my eyes. Everything I couldn’t do wearing my contact lenses, and I literally cannot wait!”