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Thanks to laser eye surgery, Nabeel can now enjoy his evenings without the hassle of contact lenses.


Nabeel Khan

Age: 30, Treatment: Laser Eye Surgery

I work as an associate director for a bank and when you work in the City, it goes without saying that long hours are the status quo and the bar really is an extension of the office! Living in London brings a wealth of opportunities for things to do and I'm definitely a person who ‘works hard and plays hard'.

When you put it all together – the long hours, the commute to and from London, seeing friends in the evening – and then on top of that, you have to ‘plan' your contact lenses into your schedule, it's just hassle you could be doing without. I recall regularly standing on the tube platform, waiting for a train and I could just feel the hot, dusty air drying out my contacts and irritating my eyes.

I can now stay out later and live my life.

Nabeel Khan, Banking Associate Director, London

The ideal solution

Laser eye treatment really was the ideal solution for me. It's incredible that such a simple and quick procedure can take away the daily inconvenience that contacts bring. I can now stay out later and live my life without having to worry about them drying out and for me, this is truly life-changing.

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