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Thanks to laser eye surgery, Stuart now spends less time trying to focus on his instructor and more time on pumping his guns!


Stuart Hunt

Age: 47, Treatment: Laser Eye Surgery

As you can probably tell, I'm into fitness. I particularly enjoy Body Pump and Body Combat and so, I spend a lot of time at the gym working on my body. For me, glasses weren't really an option as they would get in the way when you're trying to do a weights session. I often found myself at the gym with people talking to me but not being able to see their face clearly or I wouldn't be the first one to say ‘hello' to someone I knew, purely because I couldn't see well enough to know who it was! The same thing would happen in the street as well.

I decided to have a consultation with Optical Express to find out my options. I was initially nervous (I hate having anything done with my eyes) but I found it so easy. The clinic staff were calm, extremely professional and they explained the procedure and took me through the process. I decided to go for it and on procedure day, I was surprised the procedure took around just 20 minutes.

Since having treatment, my life is so much easier.

Stuart Hunt, Environmental Facilities Consultant, Newton Abbot, Devon

A new lease of life

The next day I was amazed when I woke up, opened my bedroom curtains and I could see right across Dartmoor with no problem. Since having treatment, my life is so much easier. I feel more social because I can interact with people better now that I can see them properly! And being able to see clearly has helped my workouts completely. So, despite my initial nervousness, I have no hesitation recommending this to anybody.

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