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Thanks to laser eye surgery, Jack no longer has to put up with feeling self-conscious in specs.


Jack Maddix

Age: 27, Treatment: Laser Eye Surgery

When I was eight years old, my twin brother had started wearing glasses and I just knew that the same would happen to me – that's how it went, if he got ill, I got ill and vice versa. So I was really dreading it and of course, I ended up needing glasses and I just hated them.

When I moved up to secondary school, I discovered contact lenses and they were initially a breath of fresh air. But after wearing them for ten years, the novelty wore off. They were uncomfortable, always drying out and unattractive – after wearing them for a day my eyes would be bloodshot, not a great look!

Don't wait for ‘that moment' when you think you'll be ready.

Jack Maddix, Marketing Executive, Manchester

The final push

It was only when I broke my glasses frames and they needed replacing that I finally thought, ‘I don't really want to have to pay for something that I don't like'. Laser eye surgery had been on the radar for years. If you wear contacts and/or glasses then you know it's the ultimate solution that's always there and I guess breaking my glasses was the push that I needed.

Having researched online, I booked a consultation and going to the appointment, I knew I was going to book there and then. And less than two weeks later I had my treatment.

My advice wouldn't be to those considering laser eye treatment, but to everyone who has poor vision: you don't have to wait for your glasses to break or for that moment when you think you'll be ready. You just have to get on with it as soon as possible so you can spend the rest of your life enjoying yourself.

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