Questions about your contact lenses?

Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

  • Do contact lenses hurt?

    The short answer is: Your contacts should not hurt when applied correctly

    Some people do feel discomfort when first applying contact lenses, but once you've learnt how to insert and remove them correctly, it will be completely painless. When you're used to your contacts, you shouldn't be able to feel them.
  • What does wearing contact lenses feel like?

    The short answer is: Strange at first, but you will adjust to them quickly

    When you first insert contact lenses, you'll experience an unfamiliar sensation in your eyes, but it shouldn't be painful. Within several wears, you'll get used to your contacts and they'll soon become a natural part of your daily life.
  • Are contact lenses difficult to put in?

    The short answer is: Yes, but only at first

    Most contact lens wearers find them difficult to insert at first, as it's an unusual feeling to place your fingers close to your eye. You should try it first with your trained advisor in-store and when you feel confident, you can take your lenses home and keep practising. Most people find contact lenses easy to insert after a few days.
  • Can a contact lens move behind your eye?

    The short answer is: No

    Contact lenses can only go as far as the crease in the conjunctiva, underneath your upper eyelid and can't move behind your eye – it's impossible for anything to get trapped there! Contact lenses can sometimes become a little stuck, most often when you've slept in them by mistake. To take out stubborn lenses, insert a few eye drops, gently massage your eyelid, then remove as usual.
  • What should I do if I Ieave my lenses in for too long by mistake?

    The short answer is: Remove them immediately and arrange an appointment for a check-up at Optical Express.

    As soon as you realise that you've left your contacts in too long, remove them and don't re- insert lenses for the rest of the day. If the lenses are difficult to remove, use several drops of solution as lubrication.
  • If I drop a contact lens, can I still put it into my eye?

    The short answer is: Not without disinfecting it first

    Contact lenses must be completely sterile before inserting into the eye. If you drop a lens or it becomes dirty when inserting, you should disinfect it before use.
  • I work in a dusty or dirty environment. Can I wear contact lenses?

    The short answer is: Yes, with goggles

    If you work in an environment that's prone to dust, dirt and smoke, you should wear safety goggles to protect your lenses. Your employer should supply the correct eyewear for you at work. Exposing your contact lenses to these types of environments can trap foreign particles and cause irritation.
  • What are the best contact lenses if I play sport?

    The short answer is: Whichever contact lenses work for you and are recommended by our skilled optometrists

    Contact lenses are a great option for sporty types. Unlike glasses, they can't be damaged by balls, bats and other sporting accidents. If your sport also requires goggles, these can be worn comfortably with contacts. Visit your nearest Optical Express store to discover the best type of contact lenses for you.
  • If I don't have my lens solutions with me, how can I store my lenses?

    The short answer is: You can't – you must dispose of them

    The only way to effectively and hygienically store your lenses is by using lens solution. They can't be stored in water, as it may lead to contamination and eye infections. If you can't store your lenses properly, the safest thing to do is dispose of them. If you find that this happens quite often, daily disposable lenses might be an option instead.
  • Can I wear eye makeup if I wear contact lenses?

    The short answer is: Yes

    Contact lenses can be worn comfortably with makeup, but be sure to insert them before applying your products. Always wash your hands before handling lenses. If your eyes feel irritated when wearing contacts and makeup at the same time, try non-allergenic makeup products instead.
  • Can children wear contact lenses?

    The short answer is: In some cases, yes

    Contact lenses must be dealt with carefully, which is why they're unsuitable for very young children, typically those under the age of six. However, if your child is capable of handling and wearing contact lenses, it's certainly an option to consider, though a lot of patience will be required. Always supervise your child when using contact lenses.