Terms & Conditions

This page is linked from the footnotes on pages throughout this website on which we display key statistics about Optical Express. It is intended to give you the facts behind the statistics we display.

Money Off Offers

Cannot be redeemed for a cash alternative. Treatment subject to suitability as determined at time of consultation. The offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Applies to bilateral iDesign iLASIK and iDesign iLASEK. This offer is not available to those who have already booked. Discount only available if you have your consultation and treatment before the end of next month 2018. Over 18’s only.

€795 per eye starting price

Laser Eye Surgery - price dependent on patient's prescription, determined at consultation.

From 01/01/2015 to 20/09/2016, 23.4% of individual eyes assessed at consultation had a prescription which qualified for surgery at the €795 per eye price point.

€3,795 per eye starting price

Lens Surgery - price dependent on patient's prescription, determined at consultation. (Monofocal Lens €3,795. €4,095 starting price per eye for Multifocal Lens.)

Free consultation with Optical Express

Your initial consultation at Optical Express will be conducted by an experienced optometrist. Your consultation will be free unless you have previously undergone refractive surgery with Optical Express or another provider. In such instances a €50 consultation fee will apply, which will be credited towards the cost of any treatment you proceed with at Optical Express.

Over 99% of patients would recommend Optical Express

Based on a study of 252,179 patients, September 2014.

20|20 - Over 99% of patients achieved 20|20 vision or better

In a study of 184,544 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat, 99.2% achieved 20|20 vision or better following treatment.

Laser eye surgery: 20|20 vision or better... or your money back

1.1 This promotion is available only to people receiving iDesign iLASIK treatment with the aim of achieving best distance vision for both eyes individually. Your clinical team will confirm if you are eligible for iDesign iLASIK and we will confirm whether you are eligible for this promotion in your informed consent document.

1.2 Monovision treatments to improve near vision are excluded from this promotion.

1.3 For the purposes of this promotion ‘20|20’ vision means 20|20 or better binocular distance vision and your level of vision can only be confirmed at an Optical Express clinic by an Optical Express clinician. Please note that we will not accept the results of eye examination vision tests carried out by others when deciding whether you are entitled to a refund. We will only accept vision tests which we have carried out at our premises.

1.4 This promotion is only available if we confirm at your pre-treatment consultation that you are capable of achieving 20|20 vision in each eye. Your best corrected vision with glasses before your treatment must be 20|20 (6/6) or better in each eye in order for you to qualify for this promotion.

1.5 Both eyes must be open when assessed and a standard calibrated ophthalmic backlit eye chart, with letters arranged by size, used. The room is to be lit to such a standard as is reasonably necessary to properly carry out an eye test.

1.6 The eye test must be carried out at least 12 months after your initial iDesign iLASIK treatment or at least three months after an enhancement treatment whichever is applicable.

1.7 If you receive iDesign iLASIK and you do not achieve 20|20 uncorrected vision, we will refund to you the amount you have paid for your initial iDesign iLASIK treatment.

1.8 If you took out a loan, arranged by us, to pay for your treatment, we will cancel your loan agreement and refund all repayments you have made under it (including any interest you have paid under the agreement).If you entered into another finance agreement to pay for your treatment, please remember that you are responsible for making payments to the provider of the loan or finance, even if we give you a refund. We will not refund any interest you have paid on, or in relation to, another loan or finance agreement.

1.9 You will have to complete an application process to claim your refund. The application process will have certain timescales that you must meet. You must apply for a refund within 15 months of your initial iDesign iLASIK treatment.

1.10 Under this promotion we will not issue a refund if you do not achieve 20|20 vision due to:

a. causes or conditions not intended to be dealt with as part of your treatment or which are not related to your treatment, such as amblyopia, glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration, eye muscle imbalances, cataracts, vitreous opacities (floaters), or other conditions of the retina;

b. you failing to follow any medication or aftercare regime or routine we recommended;

c. you deciding not to have any additional treatment we have recommended;

d. someone other than us providing treatment, medication or aftercare relating to your vision or eyes after your surgery; or you not being truthful or honest or co-operating with us when we have tried to treat you, provide aftercare to you or confirm the condition of your vision or your lack of 20|20 vision at any of our premises.

Over 99% achieved driving vision or better

Based on a study of 336,381 Optical Express patients with the most common prescription ranges we treat, September 2014.

Over 99% are happy with their surgeon

Based on a study of 336,381 Optical Express patients with the most common prescription ranges we treat, September 2014.