What types of lens surgery are available?

Optical Express offers a number of life-changing lens treatments.

The one that is right for you depends on a range of different factors. Book a free, no obligation appointment for a consultation with us, so that we can recommend the best option.

Types of lens surgery available

How does lens surgery differ from laser eye surgery?

We offer a number of corrective eye treatments at Optical Express. Some patients may not be suitable for laser eye surgery and so lens surgery may be recommended instead. Other patients may be suitable for both laser and lens procedures, with a lens option being the most suitable when the patient's clinical and lifestyle requirements are taken into consideration.

With laser eye surgery the cornea, which is the outer window of the eye, is gently reshaped to improve vision. When undergoing lens surgery, the lens of your eye is either enhanced or replaced.

Lens surgery is a groundbreaking treatment which can overcome a range of eye conditions including long sightedness, short sightedness, presbyopia, astigmatism and cataracts.

As we age, our vision naturally deteriorates. This means that lens surgery is most effective for many patients over the age of 45.

Compare lens types


A monofocal lens focuses vision at one distance.

  • Toric monofocal lenses are suitable for patients with astigmatism

  • If you have a monofocal lens to improve distance vision, you may still need glasses for reading or for close-up work

  • If you have a monofocal lens to improve your near vision, you may still require glasses when driving

From €3,795 /per eye

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A multifocal lens allows you to see objects at short and long distances.

  • A multifocal lens will provide exceptional long and short vision

  • The majority of patients who have multifocal lenses don't need to wear glasses

  • Multifocal lenses can have an effect on your quality of vision, especially at night. Your specialist refractive optometrist and surgeon will discuss this with you

From €4,095 /per eye

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