Expert eye care for all ages

From your first eye test as a child, through to the glasses and contact lenses that you may need later on in life or the vision correction surgery that you might choose to have as an adult, Optical Express is with you every step of the way.

We’re the UK’s only complete eyecare provider, offering a range of services which correct poor vision and help people live their lives to the full.

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Eye tests

Regular eye tests will help to maintain your vision for the long term and will identify early signs of conditions which could otherwise go unnoticed. Don't take your vision for granted - book your next eye test at Optical Express today.

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We offer a wide variety of frames to suit every taste and budget. Our experienced optical advisors are always on hand to offer advice regarding the best frames, lenses and lens coatings for you.

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Contact lenses

Contact lenses to correct poor vision can be worn by more people than ever these days, thanks to huge advancements in technology. Whether you want to wear contacts full time or just occasionally, our large selection of different lens types ensures that each and every one of our customers can enjoy great vision in comfort.

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Laser eye surgery

90% of Optical Express patients are suitable for laser eye surgery. Using the best technology available, our expert surgeons can transform your vision, helping you to see the world in clarity and colour.

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Lens Surgery

Lens surgery corrects patients' vision in a matter of minutes by using hi-tech synthetic lenses, giving them freedom from glasses and contact lenses. A custom-fit to each individual patient, lens surgery is a life-changing alternative to traditional contacts.

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It's a simple procedure, and cataract surgery gives you great vision well into the future. Our world-leading surgeons will transform your cloudy vision, letting you see clearly so that you can live life to the full again.

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Dry Eye

Lipiflow is a dry eye treatment that is non-evasive and virtually painless. It treats the cause of dry eye rather than the symptoms. Eye pieces are placed on the eye, with gentle heat and intermittent pressure to unblock the glands.

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