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Colin's flying high since lens treatment

Colin is 66 and received natural lens replacement (NLR) at the Optical Express Newcastle clinic. Initially worried about his eyesight and driving, combined with his age, Colin hasn’t looked back since receiving the treatment.

“It’s now just 8 days since I had my surgery and my eyesight is just as good as when I had my glasses. I had varifocal glasses and after a week my eyesight is now driving standard.

I am absolutely over the moon with that.”

Colin attended an eye exam and was told that he had the onset of cataracts, prompting him to come to Optical Express. During his consultation, Natural Lens Replacement (NLR) was recommended and Colin decided to take it from there.

“I had been worried for the last year about my eyesight and driving, especially at 66. It has been on TV so much lately about elderly people driving when their eyesight is not right. That’s when I realised I needed to do something about my eyes.”

Colin saved up for his deposit over the following months and chose to pay the rest of his balance using our interest-free credit option over 10 months.

Colin’s now flying high when it comes to his future. “Aged around 30 I took flying lessons. Now I can see properly again I am going to start flying again.”

For anyone similar to himself, Colin has this advice: “Definitely look into it. I have friends whose eyes aren’t too good, so I will be definitely be recommending NLR to them.”

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