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Enjoy Visual Freedom in Time For Summer 2021

Glasses and contact lenses may seem like a quick vision correction fix, but that’s not to say that they don’t come without some major inconveniences. For many patients, the hassle of their glasses and contact lenses is overbearing, negatively impacting their day to day lives and leaving them searching for an easier and often safer alternative vision correction solution. 

For glasses wearers, the introduction of face coverings has been a major challenge causing lenses to steam up, impairing vision and putting wearers at risk. With face masks not looking like they are going anywhere fast, it is time for many glasses wearers to seek alternative vision correction options. 

There are wider health implications for glasses wearers too.  Independent studies have shown that glasses, especially bifocal and multifocal are a major cause of falls. Wearers can misjudge distances and perspectives and sadly many falls are nasty enough to require hospital treatment and can negatively impact long term health and wellbeing.1,2,3,4

Contact lens wearers face similar issues when it comes to their health and wellbeing. Now more than ever, special care and attention must be taken. Every time a contact lens user puts in or takes out their lenses, they are at risk of causing a serious eye infection. Some infections are so severe that they require hospital treatment and can even lead to sight loss.  Not only that, they are extremely harmful to our environment, with over 750 million single-use plastic lenses and their packaging ending up in our oceans or landfill every year in the UK alone!5,6

The good news is, there are alternative eye care solutions available that can get rid of the hassle, inconvenience and health risk of glasses and contact lenses and they are available at Optical Express clinics across the UK and Ireland. Optical Express is the UK and Ireland’s leading provider of laser eye surgery, premium intraocular lens surgery and private cataract surgery, simple vision correction solutions which can eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses providing you with visual freedom.

The even better news is, with Optical Express’s nationwide network of clinics and advanced technology; you can enjoy visual freedom in time for summer 2021. Plus, thanks to the innovative technology used at Optical Express, the recovery time after surgery can be extremely short meaning you can get back to doing the things you love quickly. For laser eye surgery the vast majority of patients experience improved vision within 24 hours of having surgery. Following lens replacement patients many patients experience improved vision within 48 hours after surgery.  

After treatment, the majority of our patients tell us that they wish they’d done it sooner with many exclaiming how they can’t wait to go on holiday without the aggravation of having to pack lots of contact lenses, bottles of solution, and glasses.  Not only that, but they often exclaim their anticipation of being able to go to the beach or go swimming without having to worry about their contact lenses and the excitement of getting to wear regular sunglasses as opposed to prescription sunglasses and glasses. Hear what some of our patients have to say about their experience at Optical Express here.

Consider the many life changing benefits of vision correction surgery and enjoy summer 2021 with visual freedom.  Book a free consultation today at your local Optical Express clinic and start your journey to clear vision now!


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