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LASIK vs. LASEK - what's the difference?

LASIK vs. LASEK - what's the difference?

The two types of laser eye surgery we offer at Optical Express sound very similar, so what's the difference? Our Clinical Director Noelle Hamilton explains the key variances between the two in this exclusive video. 

"The LASIK procedure is very fast with a quick visual recovery," Noelle explains. "Most patients have functional vision the next day. LASEK has a slightly slower visual recovery with 4 to 7 days off work but by day 4 the majority of patients are happy with the level of vision they have." 

Both methods of treatment offer the addition of iDesign. This is a customised treatment option that removes prescriptions 25 times more accurately than glasses or contact lenses by measuring data points on the surface of the eye. 

Watch the video to hear Noelle talk about the main differences between LASIK and LASEK. If you have any questions about laser eye treatment at Optical Express, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Laser Eye Surgery

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