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Lucy Siegle and Dr Hilary Jones Support Our Environmental Focus

Optical Express is leading the way by tackling contact lens pollution with a series of measures including the launch of recycling facilities in more than 120 of our clinics nationwide. We conducted a series of studies and the research demonstrates that 2 out of every 3 patients feel they are not aware about the environmental impact of contact lenses.

As part of our measures, Optical Express enlisted the support of journalist and environmentalist Lucy Siegle. Lucy’s work has appeared in The Guardian and she’s also a guest presenter for BBC's 'The One Show'. She is passionate about ethical consumerism and lends her support to our campaign. In a series of videos shared on our social media channels, Lucy Siegle is encouraging contact lens users to consider recycling used contact lenses and their packaging and highlight the sustainable alternatives. Lucy also appeared on Sky News Sunrise programme discussing the findings of our research, and this was broadcast on 29 August.

Watch Lucy’s videos here:

Optical Express have also been working with Dr Hilary Jones to create video content around a number of topics and this content will be seeded out across our social channels. Dr Hilary is a broadcaster and medical expert with more than 40 years working as a GP and assisting in Glaucoma and Cataract extraction procedures while learning the science of refraction. Dr Hilary shares his views on why laser eye surgery is better for your eye health, better for your purse/wallet and better for the environment. Dr Hilary also discusses the importance of visual stimulus in relation to brain health, as well as sharing his own very positive experiences with laser eye surgery and Lipiflow treatments.

Watch Dr Hilary’s videos here:

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