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The myth of no longer needing an eye test

Undergoing laser eye surgery with Optical Express will provide you with life-changing visual freedom - over 99% of our patients who have undergone the treatment have achieved 20|20 vision or better*. It's a common misconception, though, that having laser eye surgery also means you no longer need to attend regular eye tests. This isn't the case for people who have never needed glasses and it is not the case for people who have had their vision corrected through laser eye surgery. Like a visit to your dentist, an eye test is an important part of looking after your overall well-being.

The importance of an eye test

Not only will an eye test at Optical Express test your vision, but it can also detect the early signs of some serious conditions such as thyroid disease, high blood pressure, auto-immune conditions, and diabetes.

Common eye conditions are also screened for at your eye test;

  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve that can cause vision to be impaired. The early detection that an eye test provides is vitally important to get the treatment needed to help manage glaucoma and reduce the risk of significant loss of sight.
  • Cataract: Clouding of the lens inside the eye is common as we age. Smoking, diabetes, excessive exposure to UV and some medications are all contributory factors to cataracts forming. Cataracts usually develop gradually and will eventually cause a reduction in vision. Cataracts can be successfully treated by removing the cloudy lens and replacing this with a clear lens to improve vision.
  • Floaters: People of any age can experience floaters, however, they are most commonly experienced as part of the eyes natural ageing process. Whilst it is common to see floaters it is important to visit your optometrist if you notice a sudden change in the size or frequency of the floaters.
  • Retinal Detachment: A sudden increase in the number of floaters seen, experiencing a greying of your vision, and/or noticing flashes of light in your peripheral vision are all signs that your retina may have come detached. This is a serious and possibly sight-threatening condition which needs emergency treatment. Suspected cases of retinal detachment should be examined by an optometrist immediately. The optometrist will decide based on their clinical findings whether referral to an ophthalmologist for treatment is required. Treatment for retinal detachment can often be successful in providing the condition is identified and treated as a matter of urgency.

Having laser eye or lens surgery will provide you freedom from your glasses and contact lenses but to help keep your vision in the best condition possible, an eye test is an important part of maintaining your eye health.

Optical Express recommends attending an eye test every two years unless you experience vision problems in which case you should attend one sooner.


*In a study of 190,231 Optical Express patients with the most common prescriptions we treat (excluding those with presbyopia and emmetropia) 99.2% achieved 20|20 vision or better following treatment.

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