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The wonderful world of iDesign

iDesign is a customised treatment option that removes your prescription 25 times more accurately than glasses or contact lenses. It’s an addition to the principal types of laser eye surgery that Optical Express offers.

How does iDesign work?

iDesign is an innovative system which produces a highly-detailed 3D map of the eye and enhances your treatment. Capturing over 1200 microscopic eye imperfections, your personalised iDesign map is as unique as your fingerprint. This technology allows the surgeon carrying out laser eye surgery to customise your treatment 25 times more accurately than a standard prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

Your precise and personalised iDesign treatment is custom-fit to the exact specification of your eye and can be applied to both LASIK and LASEK surgery. Recommended for most patients, it’s essential for some, but suitability can often depend on your prescription and pupil size.

You can discuss iDesign at a free, no-obligation consultation where your eyes will be thoroughly examined and the best treatment type advised.

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