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What is lens replacement and do I need it?

Lens replacement surgery is when the natural lens in the eye is replaced by a premium synthetic lens. It’s a treatment method used to correct poor vision when laser eye surgery is deemed unsuitable, and it’s also how cataracts are treated.

Lens surgery is safe and effective and can correct both distance and near vision. Patients who have had lens surgery go on to enjoy clearer, sharper vision for the long term.

100% of our lens replacement patients achieve driving standard vision or better.

You may need lens replacement if:

  • You wear glasses/contact lenses to correct your vision but would like to enjoy clear sight without them
  • You have been deemed unsuitable for laser eye treatment
  • You are over 45 years old

If you are having problems with your sight and would like to learn more about lens replacement surgery, you can book a free consultation below. An optometrist will carry out a thorough assessment of your eyes and provide advice on the best treatment type for you, the final decision then lies with your Surgeon.

*Based on November 2017, 5597 patients treated with multifocal IOLs.

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