Patient Reviews

"It’s just going to make life a lot easier for me."


Lens Replacement Surgery
March 2021

Finding that his vision had started to deteriorate as he got older, Adam was forced to wear glasses but struggled to get used to them. Being short-sighted, he realised that while his glasses allowed him to see long-distance, wearing them would result in nearby objects appearing blurry, impacting on his ability to perform everyday tasks such as driving.

Eager to find a solution that would correct both his distance and near vision, he started looking into lens replacement surgery as an alternative and was delighted to find that he was a suitable candidate for treatment.

“With the glasses, when I was driving, they were fine for the distance but then when I came to look at the speedometer or the sat-nav, I had to take my glasses off because it was just blurred up close with the glasses. So, I just wanted something that I could look distance and close up with,” Adam explains.

As multiple of his friends had received treatment at Optical Express and highly recommended it, achieving perfect vision and referring to it as ‘the best thing they had ever done’, Adam decided to bite the bullet and made an appointment at our Bridgewater clinic. While he was slightly apprehensive on the day of surgery, he was quickly made to feel at ease by staff members, who took the time to address any concerns and answer his questions: “It was absolutely fantastic. Any questions were answered, it was a good experience.”

Having now received treatment, Adam is excited to start experiencing life with his new-found visual freedom, and is mainly looking forward to watching a football match and picking up his golf club again: “I play a bit of golf, but I was normally struggling to see where my ball had gone when I’d hit it. Obviously going to the football again, hopefully, now I’ll be able to sit there and watch a game. It’s just going to make life a lot easier for me.” Also enjoying the occasional game of darts, he is eager to find out whether his improved vision will allow him to perform any better. “Hopefully I’ll hit more than 26 this time,” he jokes.